15 Of The World’s Most Weirdest Museums You Should Visit. . .

When you visit any new country, it’s always better to see if the place has any museums filled with science or historical art. On the other hand, there are places which feature some weird things which are apart from the history. Below are the 15 of the world’s most strange and weird museums which will leave you surprised and make you want to visit these places once in a lifetime.

  1. Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets, New Delhi, India
    www.dailymail.co.ukSulabh museum was founded by a sanitation expert named Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak. The museum has three different categories; ancient, modern and medieval which features more than hundreds of different toilets.
  2. Museum of Bad Art, Massachusetts, USAwww.rvescape.comThere are museums which features best of arts whereas in Massachusetts, there is Museum of Bad Arts which exhibits the really bad form of art one can never imagine. Visit this place and see yourself.
  3. Avanos Hair Museum, Avanos, Turkeywww.sharegoodstuffs.comAnother wackiest museum on our list is the Avanos Hair museum in Turkey. It exhibits the hair collection of more than 15,000 women.  What’s make this place more weird is its location which is inside a dark and small cave.
  4. Meguro Parasitological Museum, Tokyo, Japanwww.timetravelturtle.comThis museum was founded with the help of Dr. Satoru Kamegai. It features more than 40,000 parasite specimens including those which infect humans. The main attraction in this museum is 9.9 meters long tapeworm which is considered as the largest tapeworm in the world.
  5. The Dog Collar Museum, Kent, Englandtripfreakz.comThe Dog Collar museum was built in 1977 when Gertrude Hunt offered his personal collection of 60 dog collars. The museum has expanded since then and it now features more than 130 collars from the 16th century.
  6. The Museum of Broken relationships, Zagreb, Croatiawww.pbh-network.comThis is another weird museum located in Croatia. It exhibits artifacts from a large number of broken relationships. You can also send your ex’s stuff to them which they will put on display. Sounds fun, isn’t?
  7. The Icelandic Phallological Museum, Icelandhttps://flic.kr/p/8iKN2iThis museum in Iceland contains a large collection of specimens from different mammals and humans. There is no other museum like this in the whole world.
  8. Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum, Tennessee, USA
    www.arthurtaussig.comThis is an interesting museum located in Tennessee, USA. It features Andrea Ludden’s personal collection of salt and pepper shakers. There are more than 20,000 sets displayed inside the museum.
  9. The Mutter Museum, Philadelphia, USA
    www.thestar.comThe Mutter Museum in Philadelphia features a large collection of rare medical oddities. Here you’ll find parts of Einstein’s brain, heads which are shrunken and many other strange artifacts.
  10. Cancun Underwater Museum, Cancun, Mexico
    paradoxoff.comYou can visit this museum under water in Cancun, Mexico via snorkeling or scuba diving. The sculptures featured in this museum are made of clay which creates no harm to the marine life.
  11. National Mustard Museum, Wisconsin, USA
    www.facebook.comYes you understood it right. This museum features more than 5,000 different kinds of mustards from all over the world. It was founded by Barry Levenson who left his job with State of Wisconsin and opened this own mustard museum which is now one of the most popular attractions in this state.
  12. Le Musee des Vampires, France
    www.linternaute.comThe museum Le Musee des Vampires in France depicts the history and culture of vampires. It also features the autographs of few actors who were starred as Dracula in the movies. This museum is definitely cool and a must visit attraction in France.
  13. Museum of the Weird, Texas, USA
    nickstravelbug.comVisit this museum if you are really into some wackiest and weirdest stuff. From prank stuff to scary objects, this place has it all.
  14. The Kansas Barbed Wire Museum, Kansas, USA
    www.tractorsupply.comYes you read it right. There is a museum in Kansas which is completely devoted to barbed wires. You’ll see around 2,000 different varieties of wires in this museum. You can visit this place but make sure not to touch anything.
  15. Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments, Kansas, USA
    thechive.comThis museum contains more than 100 devices which were used to torture humans in old times. Many of the devices will leave you wondering ‘how they can even use this to torture someone and how’. Some instruments show the extreme brutal torture which will make you shocked. Visit this place and look yourself.

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