10 types of shoes every woman must own. . .

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly.” – Coco Chanel
Women are born traders when it comes to shoes. They can never run out-of-money and (heart) for shoes. Whether it’s your big interview, a casual date, evening party or a road trip, you always need a pair of shoes to lift up your spirit (and outfit too). But not all of us have huge closet space (and budget) to buy every shimmering, sexy, edgy, bold-statement, pair of shoes. So which type of shoes should be on your must-have list? Let’s check out!

  1. The Party Heels:
    You’ve got to attend every party, from crazy beach parties to sophisticated parties. So get yourself a sleek, shiny, or outrageous pair of party heels with stunning color-blocks and high-end designs.If you’re planning to dance, get wider heels.
  2. The Ankle Booties:
    They’re edgy and smart. When you need to add a bit of masculine vibe (due to neutral colors) to make your outfit sassy yet down-to-earth, ankle booties are your best choice.
    You can never feel happier than getting a leather ankle boots.
  3. The Pumps:
    They’re your ultimate ‘wear-anywhere’ shoes as it can make your feet look sexy from morning office meetings to evening outs.
    The best part? You can wear it the way you like, black, brown, nude, high, low, anyway!
  4. The Moccasins:
    No, they’re not loafers but they can be your ‘dependable’ shoes for your cool khaki pants, pleated skirts, comfy trousers, or skinny jeans.
    Plus, they’re available in suede as well as leather material, that too in cool, daring colors.
  5. The Riding Boots:
    Call it all-weather boots or riding boots, they’re a perfect match to your feet in rain, fall, winter, snow and beyond. If you dare to go chunky, get yourself Chelsea green, blue hue or funky orange.
  6. The Summer Wedges:
    They’re sophisticated, high-heeled, chic, vibrant, and feminine. What else you need to show off your fresh pedicure in summers! From your cutesy skater dress to casual denim, wedges will make you feel as light as the wind in summers (but in style).
  7. The Ballerina Flats:
    The ballet flats or skimmer flats or ballerina flats are your ultimate pair of shoes that you can pick on-the-go. This versatile piece is easy to carry (and walk-in) and can lift up any outfit in no time.Classic black or metallic shade is the top-of-the-line choice and glitzy pink, silver, gold or even red is Avant-Garde for glamorous girls.
  8. The Everyday Flats:
    You wear it every day and in every way. The flat sandals are foot-friendly, savvy and best alternative to flip-flops. For those who love these, must have leather flats to get you in a vacation mood. You can have endless options like fringes, bejeweled, studded, thongs, and more to make your feet look dapper with tee, skirt, summer dress or shorts.
  9. The Casual Kicks:
    Sneakers are great for your workouts but if your workspace is less formal, then Casual Kicks serve best for your feet. And don’t forget, they’re available in loads of designs, texture, and colors.
  10. The Statement Shoes:
    We all have that one moment when you don’t want your feet to look similar to those next 50 strangers. To save yourself from that stress, invest into a fine pair of statement shoes.
    It can be anything, from flats, booties, loafers to pumps. But the key is, it should extravagant, flamboyant, sensual and make your adrenaline rush immediately.

Hope you find the best shoes for your feet!


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