10 Most Interesting Wedding Traditions from Around the World. . .

Love is universal but the wedding ceremonies take place in a different way all over the world. The couple and their families go through various traditions pre and post wedding ceremony. Each culture has its own set of customs which one has to follow.  Some of the traditions are absolutely romantic and show immense love from both sides while there are some which might make you feel uncomfortable and you wish that wouldn’t exist. Check our top 10 most interesting wedding traditions of various cultures around the globe.

  1. Blackening of bride & groom in Scotland
    balintoreholidaycottage.wordpress.comIn Scotland, there is a unique tradition according to which bride & groom are taken out and covered with trash, alcohol, rotten food and other nasty stuff. This custom is carried out to avoid any evil spirits before marriage.
  2. Fattening of women in Mauritania
    www.marieclaire.comIn Mauritania, girls are force fed so they can be fat. According to their community, it is believed that fat women are a sign of good luck and wealth in a marriage. More fat the girl, more is her chance of getting married. This custom leaves most of the women with serious health issues.
  3. Stealing groom’s shoes in India
    www.entertales.comThis is the most interesting wedding ritual in India. According to this ritual, bride’s sisters steal groom’s shoes and don’t give him back until the groom gives them some money or gift.
  4. Spitting on the bride in Kenya
    www.wonderslist.comIn Kenya, as the bride leaves the village with her new husband, her father spits on her head and breasts which is considered as a sign of good luck.
  5. Bride’s tears in China
    www.odditycentral.comIn Southwest China, there is a weird wedding custom according to which the bride-to-be has to start crying for about one hour a day, for 30 days before her wedding takes place. In many cases, bride’s family also begins weeping with her.
  6. Money dance in Poland
    tamarindweddings.comIn a Polish wedding, guests pay to dance with the bride at her reception. Bride’s friends or maid of honor collects the money which is then spent on the couple’s honeymoon.
  7. Kidnapping the bride in Romania
    www.dailymail.co.ukIn Romania, there is a kidnapping game ritual which is very fun and interesting. The bride is kidnapped by family or friends and groom have to come for her rescue and pay money or other stuff as ransom.
  8. Breaking a white bell in Guatemala
    www.buzzfeed.comAt a wedding reception in Guatemala, groom’s mother breaks a white bell to welcome the new couple to the party. The bell is filled with rice, grains or flour and is considered as a sign of good luck and success.
  9. Jumping the broom in African American weddings
    afkinsider.comIn many African American weddings, bride and groom must jump over a broom after the wedding ceremony. It is a symbol of entering into new lives as a couple.
  10. Shooting the bride in China
    www.emlii.comNo, it’s not a real shooting. In Uyghur culture of China, groom has to shoot his bride with arrows (without arrowheads). Once the custom is performed, the groom break the arrows which ensures that the couple will always love and care for each other.

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