Become An Instant Palm Reader With These 12 Cool Hacks. . .

Palmistry is an ancient technique of reading fortune through lines of hands. Everyone finds it cool, isn’t it? In fact, it is a fun thing to do with your friends and family and bring out your clairvoyant side. So if you too are fascinated with palm reading, then these 12 cool palmistry tips will really help you make a reading about someone. Just remember that it will get better with practice –

  1. To make a reading about love life, look at the heart line. If the line starts under the index finger, you will be satisfied in love life.
  2. Coming to the head line, it represents the way your mind functions. A curvy line indicates that you are creative and spontaneous. A straight line indicates that you are a practical and organized person.
  3. The life line represents general well-being of a person. If it is wide and curvy, you will be an energetic individual. If it is short and shallow, it means that you are
  4. The flexibility of thumb measures a person’s flexibility. If the thumb is flexible, it indicates the person is adaptable. Also, if the upper phalange is longer than that of lower, the person will have more will power than logic.
  5. Look for the line of attachment or marriage lines just above the heart line. Light and fine lines indicate love affairs and one clear, straight line indicates a long-standing, happy marriage.
  6. A chained heart line indicates intertwined or karmic relationships.
  7. A double line is an indication of a deeply talented individual and someone who is inspired by a muse.
  8. The fate line gives an indication related to challenges you might have to face in life while you undertake your career path. If it is absent, it indicates a pre-planned life. A deep line shows inheritance while a forked line indicated dual destiny.
  9. The children lines usually branch off the heart line. Broken lines indicate the problems in case of health conditions of the children.
  10. Intuition line indicates keen insight of a person into his life. The more prominent this line is, the stronger the psychic ability of the person.
  11. If the health line is absent, it indicates that health will not be an issue in someone’s life.
  12. Bracelets lines lie at the bend of your inner wrist. Most people have one, two or three bracelet lines. The presence of four bracelet lines indicates a longer life and high energy.

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