Movie Characters We Didn’t Want To Die. . .

Sometimes, it happens that we get so indulged in a movie and its characters that once the movie ends, it becomes a part of our life and suddenly we start feeling and caring about its characters and associate them with our own life. Imagine how devastating it becomes when you get to know that the character you have loved with your open heart in the starting hours of the movie dies at the end or in the middle of the movie. The movie makers actually know how to play with our emotions by doing such things, but then they also make sure that the sacrifice of these characters is not wasted and they make the best use of their demise in the movie.

So here are some of the movie characters which we didn’t want to die and hoped for different endings of the movie with their presence.

  1. Mufasa – The Lion King:
    The honorable lion and rightful king of the throne Mufasa was killed in the movie The Lion King in the effort of saving his son’s life. Mufasa was Simba’s father and the King of the Pride Lands. Being a fictional character, his death literally gave goose bumps and made everyone cried while watching the movie. The movie would have been really different if Mufasa would have lived.
  2. Sirius Black – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:
    For all the harry potter fans out there will understand the feeling of losing such a great character from the world class series of Harry Potter movies. Sirius Black was one of the most loved and appreciated characters and his death was very rare and unexpected. After every second we expected him to return and show some magic but the character remained dead till we actually accepted the truth.
  3. Wash – Serenity:
    Almost everyone has watched the movie Serenity and loved wash’s character and his fondness of keeping a collection of Dinosaur toys in the ship’s cockpit. His character was popularly known for his witty sense of humor and his playful side. His death was very shocking to the fans and the ways his death was directed was so devastating that it literally made everyone’s eyes shut for a moment to believe what is happening in the movie. But the makers of the movie didn’t let the public forget his characters and paid tribute to him by reserving his dinosaur toys in the ship’s cockpit.
  4. Léon – Léon:
    Being the main character of the movie it was really mortifying to watch him die even if it was totally suiting to the storyline. A character like him who was initially a cleaner and then when he encounters with young Mathilda and starts helping her to take revenge against DEA  agent Stansfield for killing her parents, almost everything was associated with Leon and suddenly then BOOM and he is dead.
  5. Dr. King Schultz – Django Unchained:
    For the people who have not watched this movie should add it to their bucket list and must watch it, as it is a classic and once you watch it you will surely love the character of Dr. King! His character is one of the most likable characters with being both a badass and an intelligent mind. His banter with Django throughout the film is very enjoyable and it is sad to watch such a bond vanish in a hail of bullets.

These were some of the characters whom we wished to live in the movie but some of them actually took the movie forward and gave a different meaning to it.


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