10 Reasons Why Huskies Are The Best Dogs In The World. . .

If you are thinking to have a dog as a pet, then this post is just for you. Dogs are fabulous as pets and they light the whole house with their presence. If you are wondering about which dog to choose as a pet, then a Siberian husky is the best bet. Here are the reasons why huskies are the best dogs ever–

  1. Huskies double up as exercise buddies. These dogs are very reliable partners for your everyday morning jog or evening stroll to the park. If you have an active lifestyle, then a husky will be the perfect companion for you.
  2. Huskies keep themselves clean. They are one of the fewer dogs who blow their coat twice a year. So there will be little chance of their hair around the house.
  3. Feeding a huskie will save your money. Why? Well, they enjoy hunting for prey. They also have good metabolism rate so they will eat only until they are full.
  4. They are great at communication. You can teach them fun things to say and they are good at learning them such as saying “I Ruv Roo”!
  5. Huskies make for the best guard dogs with their fierce looks. Most people will think that a husky is intimidating. This will make an intruder think twice before messing with your property.
  6. Huskies are smart and independent dogs. They are good at learning the basic commands.
  7. Huskies are one of the friendliest dogs ever. They love to play and wrestle so your mood will always be good with them around you.
  8. Huskies are good looking dogs, ain’t they? They come in a variety of colors and not to mention, their fluffy coat and markings are really attractive.
  9. Huskies love to take up a job. So they are perfect outdoor dogs. If you are an adventurer, you can count on them for a number of fun activities like swimming, pulling sledges etc.
  10. They are very understanding and will comfort you when you are sad. They will even go ahead in comforting babies if they are crying. They will talk to you by howling or in their own way.

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