The people you keep in your life are your biggest assets and can also become your liability. Any type of relationships that you keep in your life can either make you or break you. Unhealthy relationships with anyone whether it is your friend, family or a colleague can end up giving you pain. Relationships are a choice. There are some types of people who only bring toxic in your life. It is better to keep such people away. Here are few types of people whom you shouldn’t have in your life:

  1. Those Who Use You
    We all have either been used by someone or have actually used someone for own selfish reasons. To an extent, maybe that is ok; but not when that is the only purpose of interacting with someone and when that may end up hurting the person. The moment you get a whiff that the person is with you only for some reason, cut off with them.
  2. Those who are very negative
    Negative people are also known as naysayers. These are the ones who never say or think anything healthy. They always have a negative vibe around them and it is a fact that negativity spreads faster than positivity. You don’t need someone who would bring negativity to your life and thus bring self-doubts.
  3. Those who criticize you
    Sure sometimes criticisms do make you better and improve you. But not always! Constant criticisms would only make you doubt yourself, lose confidence and thus have an impact on your doings. You definitely don’t need certain people who would criticize majority of your doings and deeds.
  4. Those who lie
    Some of the lies are pretty harmless but the fact that the person needs to lie to you are not. You, in fact, should have a relationship of trust with anyone where there is no scope of lying. Lying means breaking trust and trust is basically what keeps any relationship going.
  5. Those who keep Judging
    These are the types of people who would judge your every move, your every doing and your every dream. Nothing would be good enough for them and they won’t ever understand what you have to say for yourself. They would keep on comparing and also they are not good listeners. For them, everything would be worth criticizing. Thus, this would never help you get ahead in life.
  6. Those who try to control you
    They basically want everything in their control. Whether it is your friend or a family member, try and not give the reins of your life in their hands. Rather, distance yourself away from them and take the control of your own life. Letting others control your life would only take you away from your dreams.
  7. Those who keep on complaining
    These are the ones who would never find good in anything and rather would keep complaining about anything and everything. They are basically moaners. They would probably never take responsibility for anything but would blame others. This, in fact, is very infectious and hence why you should keep them away from your life.

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