Top Disney Princesses. . .

Being a Disney princess is a really difficult task as you have to act in a certain way, behave in a proper and poised way. You will always have someone who is trying to kill you or harm you and there is always a competition to beat others in the race. Disney’s princesses are always admired for their beauty and their characters. These princesses have actually filled little girl’s childhood with lots and lots of dreams and have always inspired them to fight for themselves and become strong to handle any struggles or rivals which may come in their way to happiness and success.
So here are some of the Disney princess which is always admired for their beauty and awesomeness.

  1. Pocahontas, “Pocahontas”:
    One of the best heroines of Disney films is Pocahontas; she is one of the most positive, racial and a cultural woman who represents the Native Americans in the mainstream media. She is known to be very true to herself and her character believes that she wasn’t afraid to lose anything for what she believed in. She also made us understand that sometimes it is okay to not follow the rules but to follow the heart.
  2. Snow White:
    Everyone has different prospects towards different princesses. Some people call Snow White as stupid and weak, but she has the other side also which is full of love, care, and sweetness. Her playful sense of humor and the way she tries to cheer everyone is the best. Although, she doesn’t have a lot of physical strength like other princesses but her inner strength and optimistic and kind nature is something she is always praised for.
  3. Elsa, “Frozen”:
    Elsa is the famous princess who taught us that it is actually okay to be different from others, and being an outcast is something you should always embrace. She is not helpless and romantic like many other princesses and queens rather she is mature and cares for her little sister a lot. She also teaches us how to control one’s magical powers and how to use it in a good way, she is beautiful and gives the latest trend of hairstyle i.e. braids.
  4. Cinderella:
    Cinderella is the iconic princess of Disney. Though some people think of her character as weak but looking at the other side of it, imagine tolerating so much of verbal and physical violence for so many years and still maintaining a positive outlook towards life. Other than her inner strength, she is positive, beautiful, kind, intelligent, and very gentle. She is been admired for so many characteristics of her, the major one being positive towards life and taking every hurdle as a positive chance towards betterment.
  5. Belle, “Beauty and the Beast”:
    Isn’t it a fact that we all feel like beast sometimes in our life, but that doesn’t mean we have to treat each other the way they are. These are some of the lessons Belle followed and taught us. The incredible bookworm  Belle never judged a book by its cover. She is beautiful but never spent her time in enhancing her beauty. Also, she never craved for a prince charming rather she inspired girls to love knowledge and not be obsessed with the societal cultures and beauty.

These were some of the Disney’s beautiful princess which is the all-time favorite of everyone. There are many others who are not on this list, but the fact is that all of the Disney’s Princesses are different in their own ways and inspires us with their different characters.


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