10 Things Couples Do That Are Annoying AF If You’re Single. . .

The weird things couples do… arghh! Some people love being single while there are many who struggle to find a partner but no luck. That moment when they get close to someone, the universe makes sure that things don’t go further and they are left with no one; forever alone. Do you just hate the disgusting behavior couples show around you? Does it kill you from inside? Well, we completed understand your feelings. Here are 10 cheap things couple do that make single people feel sick:

    1. Feeding their partner in public place
      www.missmalini.comWell, your partner has two hands which they can use to feed themselves. Don’t treat them as your little baby.
    2. Continuously staring into the eyes of each other while you are around
      giphy.comIs there a contest going on ‘who stares for long without blinking’? Come on, do this in your room.
    3. Holding each other’s hands in front of singles
      www.tenor.coIs your partner going to run away? No? Then stop annoying us.
    4. Doing the cheap ‘baby’ ‘sweetie’ talk in your face
      giphy.com‘Did my baby eat something?’ No, she didn’t. Get her a bottle of milk.
    5. Keep laughing and smiling with each other for no reason
      www.tenor.coIs this funny? Ha ha ha. Stop behaving like a child okay.
    6. Posting couple pictures all over social media
      n.francais-express.comOMG. Please stop it, at least think about single poor souls.
    7. Proposing in a public place
      makeagif.comNo No please No. Can’t you do it in your home?
    8. Getting engaged and inviting you
      giphy.comI don’t have a heart to see that.
    9. And finally getting married
      www.buzzfeed.comHey congratulations! Oh not really.
    10. Then having cute babies
      giphy.comThis is never going to end. Kill me please.


But it’s ok. Our day will come too. We hope so.


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