Top Picks For Lingerie Brands In India – Your Inner Wear Decoded. . .

Irrespective of the culture shyness, lingerie is something with great importance for any woman. They can uplift any outfit as well as make women feel more confident about their outfit.

While there is a long list of things to consider before buying that perfect bra for you, we have made it simpler for you. Here is a list of top lingerie brands of India in 2016 that you can count on –

  1. Pretty Secrets
    Everyday bras, panties, satin robes, wrap gowns, lacy dresses, you name it and they have it. Pretty Secrets offers the best in lingerie with unmatchable comfort and style. Though it might be little on the expensive side, yet their collection is worth investing into.
  1. Clovia
    This brand is new in the Indian market yet it has established itself really well with its stunning range of baby dolls, camisoles, plus size bras and more. In fact, it should be your go-to destination for bridal lingerie shopping.
  1. N-Gal
    N-Gal is cool yet bold brand in the Indian lingerie market. The brand does not just offer the set of basic bra and panties but also designs role play intimates, bikinis and beach wear. The baby dolls from N-Gal are worth investing in.
  1. Valentine
    If you are looking for luxurious fabrics and gorgeous designs, then consider Valentine as your pick. They have lingerie collection for every mood and occasion.
  1. Private Lives
    The brand has wowed Indian women with its designer collection in satins, laces, velvet and elastane. Designed by Seema Kapoor, this brand lives to its name and offers a one-stop shop for all your lingerie needs.
  1. Bwitch
    Stylish and seductive lingerie is their motto. They have everything from comfy pajamas to robe sets and exquisite night wears. You can count on this brand for making you feel stylish even in your loungewear.
  1. Enamor
    Enamor is a huge name which has three sub-brands under its name – Glamor, Mix & Match and Lounge. It aims at catering women of every shape and size. They not only make stunning lingerie but comfortable daywear range in loungewear as well. This is a great lingerie destination to appeal the modern women.
  1. Triumph
    Triumph is a lingerie brand operating since 1886 and they have covered every trend and style so far. They are constantly innovating to provide the best bras for Indian women.




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