12 Things You Can Relate To If You Are Dating A Short Girl. . .

Short girls are the cutest. Dating them can be quite exciting and a wonderful experience. These little cuties need to be loved and taken care of all the time. Are you one of those guys who have a shorter girl? Do you see a couple with short girl and tall guy? They look super cute don’t they? Read these 12 things that usually happen when you date a short girl.

  1. Giving your girl piggy rides and they love it.
    mcnamara.co.vuThese are the best rides ever.
  2. She fits perfectly into your arms
  3. Buying her clothes is such an easy task
    giphy.comTheir clothes are easily available in kids section and that too at cheaper rates.
  4. Taking a selfie is always a challenge
    giphy.comYou have to struggle hard while taking a selfie with her.
  5. She has to run because you walk too fast
    giphy.comYour normal step is equal to her 3 to 4 steps.
  6. It’s so easy to smell your girl’s hair
    giphy.comAnd that makes them pretty annoyed. But we still love doing it again and again.
  7. You have to bend every time when she wants to whisper in your ear
    www.tenor.coBecause you can’t really hear what she is trying to say.
  8. She always looks younger and cuter
    giphy.comShe looks like a cute little donut which everyone adores.
  9. You can pick and move her anywhere easily
    giphy.comJust like a little baby lol.
  10. High-fiving with her is a literally funny
    giphy.comShe’ll have to jump while high-fiving with you and it’s really cute.
  11. She looks super cute in your baggy shirts
    giphy.comShe looks even more attractive when she wears your big t-shirts.
  12. When she use a chair to take something out of kitchen cabinet
    www.pinterest.comNothing is as cute as her trying to reach cabinet for a jar of coffee.

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