The Biggest Beauty Trends Of 2017. . .

The year 2016 is gone and you must be wondering about the beauty trends of 2017. This year opens up the possibility of a whole new range of trends to try and flaunt. It’s always great to be an early adopter of the trends.

That’s why we have put forward a list of the 8 beauty trends that will make it big this year. Take a look –

  1. No make-up look
    Actually no make-up look or in other words, nude make-up will be one of the biggest trends of 2017. Embracing your flaws and featuring clean, radiant look is going to be something. So all you will need is something to cover up those blemishes, that’s it!
  1. Glossy lids
    Glitter was the trend of 2016 while 2017 will be the year of glossy lids. All you need is some clear gloss to flash your glistening lids. Bobbi Brown is coming up with a range of eye gloss to complete this look perfectly.
  1. Bright pops of pink blush on cheeks
    The 80s look is coming back and we all know. With it comes the pink bright blush and bright lids.
  1. Deep side parting
    Many runway fashion shows have flaunted deep side parting where the hair on one side is kept behind the ear. The look can be achieved in no time with a setting gel.
  1. Chrome nails
    Metallic nails are going to be a huge trend. Even bigger than that will be the chrome nail trend. So there are a couple of products available in the market to nail this look and more are going to be launched soon.
  1. Ash blonde hair
    Ash blonde is going to take over the hair trend completely. Silver ombre is also expected to take over as the top hair trend soon.
  1. Heavy contouring
    Thanks to 2016 that everyone is familiar with contouring now. But this year will see more of it. So get ready to stash your beauty kits.
  1. Braids
    The retro fashion is not going to go anywhere sooner so is the trend of whimsical braids. It will be all about top braided knots and open braids.

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