9 Weirdest Smelling Perfumes. . .

Perfumes are considered synonymous with beauty and style. They have been everyone’s favorite since the ancient times. While perfumes are loved for smelling good and pleasant, you would find it hard to believe that there are perfumes with strangest fragrances.


Yes, such weird perfumes exist with equally weird fragrances. Here are 9 weirdest smelling perfumes that you won’t believe exist –

  1. Sécrétions Magnifiques
    This perfume is launched by a French company Etat Libre d’Orange and it resembles bodily fluids. They have a collection that smell like blood, sweat and saliva. Strange isn’t it?
  1. Popcorn by Demeter
    As the name indicates, this perfume smells like buttery, salty popcorn kernels.
  1. Paper Passion
    This perfume by Steidl has a smell like paper and ink. It definitely seems ideal for book lovers.
  1. Horse
    That’s the name of a perfume that smells like horse, hay and oats.
  1. Fireplace
    That’s another variant by Demeter that resembles the smell of a fireplace. It smells exactly like your clothes when you sit near a fireplace for a long time.
  1. Flame
    This perfume was launched by Burger King and it smells like meat. This one is definitely not for vegetarians.
  1. Eau de Stilton
    The makers of Stilton Cheese launched this perfume which smells like blue cheese. It had an earthy aroma of cheese being fermented.
  1. Lobster Scent
    From the house of Demeter Fragrances, this one smells like that of a lobster. It is a combination of meat, sea and dirt.
  1. VULVA Original
    This is probably the weirdest perfume ever made. It resembles vaginal scent. Well, enough said!


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