8 Embarrassing (Yet Understandable) Wardrobe Malfunctions. . .

Glamor world does come with a price. In an attempt to look glamorous and gorgeous, we end up buying clothes that betray us. Well, the word for it is ‘wardrobe malfunction’. Yes, our wardrobe can ditch up and make that moment embarrassing for us.


Even though you are fully covered up or take precautions, things can still go wrong unintentionally. Here is a list of some embarrassing yet understandable wardrobe malfunctions that happened with some ace celebrities –

  1. Nargis Fakhri
    She was walking the ramp when she suffered from wardrobe malfunction because of her gown that she was wearing.
  1. Emma Watson
    The actress accidentally suffered malfunction at the premiere of her movie though she came prepared.
  1. Gauhar Khan
    She became the victim of the wardrobe malfunction during a fashion show. Only if she knew what she was walking in.
  2. Alia Bhatt
    Her poor choice of undergarment came to light when Varun Dhawan lifted her in a press conference.
  1. Parineeti Chopra
    She also suffered a wardrobe malfunction when she came to judge a TV show and her dress got an issue.
  1. Kangna Ranaut
    While walking the ramp in the showstopper dress, Kangna forgot that the dress is way too revealing from both ends and it got more revealing with every step she was taking.
  1. Eisha Koppikar
    She seemed to have completely forgotten the deep cut of her suit and her assets are quite visible to all.
  1. Katherine Heigl
    Her dress broke right at the moment when she accepted Female Star of the Year Award at the ShoWest Awards. Thankfully she held the dress while giving her speech in time.


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