11 Most Gross Things Every Girl Does But Pretend They Don’t. . .

There are many things that girls love to do and men are unable to understand that. Women often do crazy stuff in front of everyone but there are many gross things they do in secret when nobody is watching. And what’s funnier is, if you ever ask them whether they do such acts, they never admit. Read these few things that women must have done in any stage of their lives.

    1. Not washing off her hair for few days after getting hairstyle from salon
      giphy.comI paid too much for this hairstyle, won’t wash it for another three days.
    2. Picking off their nail paint and throw the bits everywhere
      www.xovain.comIt’s not that we can’t use nail remover, we just love to pass our time like this.
    3. Don’t wash their makeup brushes for long
      giphy.comThey use the same dirty brushes for ages. Now that’s really gross.
    4. Popping the annoying pimples on her face
      welcometoyouredoom.tumblr.comOo yes. I popped one more.
    5. Peeling off rough skin from lips
      giphy.comYou know you do it too often right.
    6. Using the makeup that is already expired
      giphy.comSo what? It still looks new, I’m not throwing it.
    7. Over plucking eyebrows in hope of getting a perfect shape


My eye brows are sexy.

  • Wasting too much time taking hundreds of selfies
    www.tenor.coAnd delete all of them later because they didn’t turn out good.
  • Not getting waxed because of cold weather

A little hair will keep me warm, no?

  • Peeling off her mascara before cleaning make up from face
    twitter.comDo it until you are surrounded by little black remains ewww.
  • Wear same clothes a few times without washing
    giphy.comToo much washing will damage my expensive clothes.


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