This has happened so many times that our favorite show gets axed. We do miss it, find a replacement but then we never completely forget that show. Some channels quickly discontinue a show if it doesn’t manage to captivate the audience. There are tons of reasons why a show gets cancelled and there are many great shows that fell in this category. Here are few great shows that shouldn’t have been discontinued:

  1. Fringe on FOX
    Fringe was a very different show and revolved around FBI special agent, his son and a mad scientist. The concept was very different and had amazing plot twists. However, it only lasted five seasons when there should have been more.
  2. Veronica Mars on UPN
    Veronica Mars ran from 2004 to 2007 on UPN and followed the life of a sheriff’s daughter who starts investigating crimes after her best friend died. The show ran for three seasons but never returned for the fourth season. It did come back on The CW but the frame was reworked and thus did not gain as much popularity as before.
  3. Pushing Daisies on ABC
    Pushing Daisies was a very inventive fantasy comedy-drama series. It had a completely different show and there was nothing like it anywhere on the television. The story revolved around Ned who had the ability to bring dead people back with one simple touch. However, it only ran for two seasons and was discontinued in 2009.
  4. The IT Crowd
    The IT Crowd was definitely one of the funniest British comedies. It was based in London office and revolved around three IT Staff members who actually didn’t have a clue about IT. This series lasted only four seasons but left its audience asking for more.
  5. Arrested Development on FOX
    There were a total of 53 episodes in this one making a total of 4 seasons and was actually one of the best shows on FOX. It was about Michael, a widower who after his father’s arrest tried to keep his dysfunctional family going and keep them together. There have been talks about the 5th season coming back and its fans are sure waiting for that.
  6. Torchwood
    Torchwood was a brilliant sci-fi British show that dealt with a branch of the fictional institute, which basically involves extraterrestrials. It was also a spin-off of Doctor Who. Though it was never officially cancelled, it never returned but there are talks of it coming back on television.
  7. Firefly
    This show has been discontinued since more than 12 years but fans are still waiting for it to be back on television. The show had a completely new concept and revolved around the crew of a spaceship who explores the universe as one. It was one of its kind space show that did not have any aliens.
  8. Agent Carter on ABC
    The show revolved around Peggy Carter who plays a secret agent for Strategic Scientific Reserve. The show did not get many ratings and it was discontinued after two seasons. It was a show based on Marvel Comics and it definitely deserved much better.

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