Amazing Amusement Parks Around the World. . .

Whatever is the season and the reason, amusement parks always attracts its visitors through their amazing themes and variety of secrets! The first amusement park ever built was the famous Disneyland, which is still number 1 preference for a lot of people; it opened its doors in 1955 and since then this amazing concept of amusement parks is revolving all around the world.

Every year a new amusement park opens its gate with new adventures and amazing themes. So here is a list of some of the amazing amusement parks which will always surprise you with something new:

  1. Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort, Florida, United States:
    Disney has always amused us with its famous characters and this field of amusement parks is something Disney is a pro with. Disney’s amusement parks are one of a kind and first ones to enter the amusement park industry. Magic kingdom in the Florida United States is known for its amazing roller coaster rides and Fantasyland. Splash Mountain is something you should not miss with a thrilling 5 storey flash down.
  2. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando, Florida, United States:
    For the die heart fans of harry potter this amusement park is something you should visit for sure. This amazing harry potter fans amusement park is the village of Hogsmeade which the harry potter fans will know very well. With all the amazing places and wizarding bank, this place is full of surprises. This amazing amusement park will give you a full feeling of living in a wizard world and experiencing some amazing adventures.
  3. Hobbiton Movie Set, New Zealand:
    For all the Lord of Rings fans, this Hobbiton movie set which is eventually turned into a an amusement park is something you should visit. This small town of hobbits was built in the year 1999.  The Hobbit town has been used for filming Lord of Rings and The Hobbit movie, after which the town is further used as an amusement park where you can experience the living style of Hobbits.
  4. Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa Island, Singapore:
    This Universal Studios amusement park in Singapore is very popular for its different theme based rides and locations. The park boasts seven different theme areas which include Hollywood, sci-fi, Madagascar, ancient Egypt, the Lost World and the Far Far Away. The amusement park offers full day entertainment in all its seven different theme areas. The Hollywood areas bring best rides of popular Hollywood movies such as transformers, similarly other theme areas also bring out the best in them and amaze you with different surprises.
  5. Beto Carrero World, Penha, Brazil:
    One of the largest theme parks in Latin America is Beto Carrero World, it includes amazing shows, adventurous rides and a zoo with a fascinating birds and animals, and in short it is a full package of entertainment for kids as well as adults. In the zoo, people can check out all amazing beasts and birds such as Lions, Tigers, Primates and many more endangered species. The amusement park also includes Pirate’s island, fantasy land, and many more creative places.These were some of the places or I should say some of the fantasy lands where you should visit to enjoy all the surprises and have some amazing time with family and friends.

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