All Time Favourite Superheroes. . .

Everyone among us must have read a comic book once in their childhood or teenage and many of us have a superhero preferences deep inside our heart. These comic books and superheroes have formed a large and a special part of our childhood, and some of these superheroes still pamper us and entertain us with their chivalry and amazing personalities.
These superheroes never age with time, in fact, they become more powerful with passing time and also become a topic of debate for how powerful is one from another! So here are some of all-time favorite superheroes.

  1. Batman:
    Batman and Superman has always had this competition of being the first in everyone’s favourite superhero list, but two of them are really different from each other and are classics.
    Bruce Wayne is a character which is very different and inspiring. It is not like other superheroes. He is wealthy, he is well trained and still, he is just a man! All Batman movies, comics everything should be given the status of classic as there is no one like BATMAN.
  2. Spiderman:
    The Marvels most human hero is Spiderman. During childhood or younger age, half of the children around the world thought they will also actually become a Spiderman or women if they got a bite from a spider, which is pretty thoughtful also. Other than that Peter Parker’s adventures are timeless and will surely outlive us.
  3. Superman:
    Superman is not just an American icon; instead, he represents the best attributes of a human being. He is purely known to be an ideal of humanity but flawed. Superman is the one character who has always been used in the upbringing of children as a source of teaching moral codes and humanity lessons. Despite having amazing godlike powers, his selfless attitude and desire to always do right things make him the best and different from others.
  4. Thor:
    Thor as a character is full of mysteries but always had his presence in our lives as God of Thunder. He had a place in mythology and now has a link between human history and modern day comics. Thor as a superhero is giving tough competition to others with his powers and chivalry.
  5. Iron Man:
    Though not very old but Iron man had truly made a strong presence in our mind as a superhero. He showed a new prospect and side of the superheroes whereas these masked heroes can actually be cocky, funny, and extremely intelligent who use their intelligence in favour of humanity and nation.
  6. Captain America:
    The most natural superhero is Captain America, who is not just defined by power but by his character. He has got limited strength unlike Thor or Hulk and also does not have high tech gadgets or suits like Iron man or Batman; he is not even mutated or alien like Spiderman and Superman. In spite of lacking from all these superhero gadgets, he is still a tough and a fearless hero who brings the best from his limited abilities.
  7. Hulk:
    The incredible professor Bruce Banner who becomes a Green colored giant Hulk when he loses his temper is an all time favorite of most of the people. He is one superhero that at times plays the role of a hero and at times become a scary villain, but always remember Hulk can smash.These were some of all-time favorite superheroes who have not aged with time. Well, there are still a lot of them! These superheroes keep the child inside every human being alive.

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