Wrestling is perhaps one of the oldest sports of all times that have evolved largely over a period of time. It was Vincent Kennedy McMahon who changed the face of wrestling as a professional sport through his vision. In 1980s Vincent McMahon groomed the best WWE wrestlers who later turned into superstars. Some of the best known of these are John Cena and The Rock. Here are few of greatest WWE wrestlers of all times who will always be remembered:

  1. John Cena
    John Felix Anthony Cena probably doesn’t need any introduction. He is an American rapper, actor, professional wrestler and a reality TV show host. He was assigned to SmackDown brand when he signed WWE. John Cena started his wrestling career with Ultimate Pro Wrestling in 1999 and went on to win 24 championships in his career out of which he came out as a World Champion 15 times. He also released his album “You Can’t See Me” and starred in movies like The Reunion, The Marine and more.
  2. The Undertaker
    His real name is Mark William Calaway but he is rarely known by that name. He is very well known by his ring name “The Undertaker”. He began his career in 1984 with World Class Championship Wrestling and joined WWF, which is now WWE in 1990. He is remembered for “The Streak” which is a remarkable 21 straight victories at WWE’s WrestleMania.
  3. Steve Austin
    Steve Austin is better known as “Steve Cold” Austin. He is a media personality, an American actor, producer and a retired professional wrestler. Throughout his career, Austin won 19 championships, which made him the fifth Triple Crown Champion in the history of WWE. He had to retire from in-ring competition due to knee and a serious neck injury in 2003.
  4. The Rock
    Dwayne Johnson is a Canadian and American actor, producer and part-time professional wrestler. He is also known as “The People’s Champion” and has won WWF Heavyweight title six times. The Rock’s famous wrestling match was the one with Steve Austin. He starred in popular movies such as The Mummy Returns, Fast and Furious while few of his upcoming movies are Baywatch and Jumanji.
  5. Triple H
    Paul Michael Levesque who is popularly known by his ring name ‘Triple H’ is a semi-retired professional wrestler, actor, and corporate executive. People also call him to be WWE’s royalty and The King of Kings. His career spans approximately 2 decades wherein he has given amazing performances often taking down legends such as John Cena, The Undertaken, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and even Chairman of WWE Vince McMahon.
  6. Hulk Hogan
    Hulk Hogan or Hulkster is also an actor, musician, entrepreneur, animal right activist and TV personality is one the greatest, most popular, charismatic and also one of the most hated professional wrestlers of WWE. His very good friend Sylvester Stallone introduced him to the WWE’s Wall of Fame in 2005. Throughout his career, he has been a six-time WWE Champion and six-time World Heavyweight Champion.
  7. Bret Hart
    Bret Hart whose ring name is ‘Hitman’ is a Canadian-American actor, writer, and a retired professional wrestler. He is rightfully described as “The Excellence of Execution” and is the greatest technical wrestler in the history of WWE. He was forced to retire after a severe injury that he got in 2000 after which he got a stroke in 2002.

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