15 Most Intelligent Animals On Earth. . .

It might surprise you, but according to a recent research, Dolphins can out-smart humans at times. Yes, it is a common misconception that animals are not intelligent. Here are some of the smartest creatures on our planet that can certainly give you a run for your money.

  1. Rats

    Even though rats have gained a bad reputation due to their association with diseases like Plague, a recent research conducted by the University of Guelph proved that rats can perform various cognitive tasks. They can apply logic and devise a strategy as well while counting loopholes.
  2. Ravens

    Ravens are largely associated with bad luck by humans. Though, according to researchers from Canada and Scotland, Ravens can apply logic and understand their surroundings in a superior way.
  3. Pigs
    SourcePigs are considered as the smartest domestic animal. They can perceive reflections and even deceive their competition. They are quick learners and can even play video games.
  4. Elephants
    Two African elephant (Loxodonta africana) roaming the flowery grass land, Tanzania.

    Elephants are widely known for their “brain” power. They can use common tools and adjust with their surroundings wisely to constantly regulate their body temperature.

  5. Cows
    SourceIt is observed that cows are able to feel emotions in a more complex way than any other creature. They share a rich emotional quotient and can distinguish creatures as their friend or foe.
  6. Squirrels
    SourceSquirrels can master a new trick in no time. They are fast learners and can pass tricks from one generation to another.
  7. Bees
    SourceBees depict the classic practice of Swarm Intelligence, which is a crucial domain in Artificial Intelligence. It has been observed that a hive of bees is able to make a decision as well, after following a classic process of “democratic dance-off”.
  8. Ducks
    SourceIt has been discovered that ducks are quite intelligent in recognizing symbols and shapes. They can distinguish between similar-looking objects and even depict a sense of “free will”.
  9. Dolphins
    SourceDolphins are known to have the largest brains of all. They have superior communication skills and can distinguish similar looking objects. They can apply logic and even feel complex emotions.
  10. Parrots
    SourceParrots can do more than just mimicry and repeating a word or two. They have an excellent memory and can solve complex problems with their cognitive skills.
  11. Whales
    SourceNot just size, whales are known for their massive brains as well. They can use sound to communicate with each other and can even come up with the shortest path while traveling. They can also solve problems and feel complex emotions.
  12. Squids
    SourceSquids are the smartest invertebrates of all. They share distinctive similarities with the human brain and can also learn new skills. They can protect themselves from a threatening situation as well.
  13. Cats
    SourceCats are natural hunters and can even sense a small change in their environment. They have an amazing sensory ability and can learn new skills in no time.
  14. Horses
    SourceNot only horses have an amazing strength, they can learn new skills easily and respond to a complex situation as well. They have a remarkable memory and can even depict plenty of emotions like fear, anxiety, and even stress.
  15. ChimpanzeesSource

    They are considered as the closest extant relatives to humans. It has been observed that chimpanzees can manipulate a condition, observe the change in their environment, and even communicate with each other through sign language. All of this makes them one of the smartest animals of all.

Also, there are a few creatures that are not that smart at all. For instance, owls are considered as a symbol of wisdom and intelligence. Nevertheless, it has been discovered that owls are one of the dumbest birds of all. Now, wasn’t that fascinating?

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