Christmas is all about celebrations and with something right, these celebrations become more special. Eating delicious dishes and drinking Christmassy cocktails is a part of a tradition and has also evolved over a period of time. Cocktail drinks are always fun to make and even more fun to consume. They do make Christmas dinners even more memorable. Here are few Christmas cocktails that would make classic accompaniment with your Christmas dinner:

  1. Holiday Cranberry Cocktails
    Cranberry makes a great cocktail ingredient and when mixed with other ingredients like maple syrup, vanilla, red wine and brown sugar it makes a very yummy cocktail. You can decorate the drink with a stirrer that is beaded with poached cranberries. This would make the drink look very Christmassy.
  2. Poinsettia Cocktail
    This again is a Cranberry drink, which is made by blending vodka and champagne with cranberry juice. Champagne has to be added later while serving. The drink will have a reddish-brown color that would give a very festive look and also go well with your Christmas dinner.
  3. Cherry Bombs
    Cherry Bombs is a very delicious rum drink that is a fine mixture of lime and grenadine. The recipe is very easy but may take some time to prepare. There is no trouble in making this and also is very enjoyable. You can also make shots out of this drink by adding Red Bull to this drink.
  4. Appleberry Mulled Wine
    This is a fruity drink, which consists of chunks of apple, berries and fruit juice. It is basically a fruit cup and is very boozy. It is a perfect drink for celebrations and would make festive season more festive.
  5. Mulled Apple Juice
    This drink is for teetotalers. The drink consists of apple juice finely mixed with spiced citrus, orange and lemon peel, cinnamon and cloves. Simmer all the ingredients till all the flavors have properly infused. Add few drops of honey. This drink will be perfect for teetotalers who would enjoy it to the fullest.
  6. Apple Cider, Ginger, and Cranberry Punch
    This is a fine combination that is made by muddling cranberries with sugar in a pitcher. After the cranberries are properly muddled, add lemon juice, apple cider, ginger beer and gin. Gin is optional. It will make a very tangy drink that will serve the purpose of enjoying over drinks in the festive season.
  7. Chocolate Raspberry Martini
    Chocolate and Raspberry, when mixed together, gives a very festive feel and hence is definitely a must-have during Christmas. There are few different ways of preparing this drink where in you can add a touch of coffee liqueur if needed. The drink would make a perfect choice if you were looking for something relaxing.
  8. Snowball
    The drink not only sounds Christmassy but gives a sense of being one too. It will remind you of your childhood and would bring back the old memories. It is a very dreamy drink, which blends cinnamon and tequila. You can also give the finishing to the drink by decorating with cinnamon sticks.

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