12 Scientifically Proven Signs Of Being In Love. . .

What if I tell you that love is more about science and less about finding your soulmate or twin flame? I know we all get that gut feeling at times and forget everything else when we are with our partner. Nevertheless, it has been discovered that all these signs are connected with facts. Let’s unravel the mystery of love once and for all. Here are some foolproof signs that will let you know if you are in love or not.

  1. When you realize that he/she is special

    SourceThis is usually how most of the love stories start. We find ourselves getting attracted to someone and can’t shake that feeling off. Well, it is dopamine in your brain that elevates your emotions and makes you fixated on one person.
  2. Being with them makes you happy
    SourceThe more time you spend with them, the more relaxed you would feel. Your body refuses to let go of that feeling.
  3. You overlook their flaws
    SourceThey say love is not about finding the perfect one. Rather, it is all about finding the imperfect one perfectly. As you spend time with your partner, you start overlooking their flaws. Your brain generates more norepinephrine, which changes your memory in such a way that you remember only good things about your partner.
  4. You can’t live without them
    SourcePeople are the biggest addiction of all. After a while, you get addicted to their presence. You don’t mind walking an extra mile to hear their voice or see them again, as you gradually get obsessed with them.
  5. You overcome every obstacle for them
    SourceYour brain starts producing central dopamine, which travels to your neurons and makes you believe that you have got a reward after overcoming a challenge (and that it would be worth it).
  6. You don’t want to be separatedSource

    It is because you get emotionally dependent on them. It also leads to several other feelings like jealousy, separation anxiety, fear of rejection, etc.

  7. You constantly need their approval

    SourceFrom deciding your outfits to a place to eat, you get dependent on your partner for almost every decision you make. You want their approval to bring yourself at peace.
  8. You can feel their painSource

    With emotional attachment comes a strong sense of empathy. After spending a lot of time together, you get connected to them on a psychological level. You would be able to sense their pain, even when they are silent.

  9. You crave for an emotional unionSource

    After a while, sex takes the back seat in your relationship. It has been found that almost 70% of people prefer a strong emotional attachment than having sex.

  10. You feel out of control at timesSource

    With so much on your plate, you start doubting yourself. You feel as if you are losing your balance and can’t juggle everything at once. This is where you need to calm your senses and focus on what matters the most in your life.

  11. You want to make it officialSource

    With intimacy comes a strong desire to be exclusive. You want to make your partner “yours” and make it official for the rest of the world to know.

  12. You want to be with them foreverSource

    Lastly, with all the signs combined, you go into a state of daydreaming. You literally forget the laws of science or nature and just want to be with them for the rest of your life.

And if you are lucky, you overcome every obstacle to be with the one you love. Because you have found the one who causes an emotional turmoil in your brain and it is totally worth it.

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