9 Adorable People With Unique Skin Color. . .

Homo sapiens
are one of the most diverse species of all. The amount of melanin present in our body determines the color of our hair and skin. Though it doesn’t matter what kind of skin color you have, beauty is something that is skin deep and can’t be confined within a strict standard. Here are some of the most beautiful people in the world who will certainly turn every head on the street with their adorable charm and unique skin color.

  1. Connie Chiu

    Born in Hong Kong and raised in Sweden, Connie is truly an international star. She was born with albinism in a Chinese family and started modeling at an age of 24. She has already worked with some of the top designers the world over and has even started performing as a jazz artist. Now that is certainly an impressive story!
  2. Khoudia Diop

    SourceDiop is often called as the “Melanin Goddess” for her distinctive skin color. She became an overnight success at an age of 17, when she modeled for The Colored Girl Campaign. The 19-yo model is originally from Senegal, and has actively taken over the internet to bring a change in the fashion industry.
  3. Winnie Harlow
    SourceWinnie started developing de-pigmentation when she was just four. Later, she was diagnosed with Vitiligo and was severely bullied in school. She decided to bring a change by participating in America’s Next Top Model. She was highly appreciated for her daring moves and became a household name in no time. Currently, she is the brand ambassador of plenty of fashion brands and has even appeared in a Beyonce video.
  4. Nikia Phoenix
    SourceNikia’s unique skin tone and hair certainly make her stand out from the crowd. Born and raised in America, she has already been featured in various campaigns by brands like Target and Coca-Cola. She was also subjected to harsh bullying while growing up and moved out of every adversity after being inspired by her idols like Gandhi and Martin Luther King.
  5. Sir Maejor
    SourceHe is often called as the world’s sexiest Albino by his followers. Based out of Atlanta, he is a model and activist. He is also known for his contribution to the Black Lives Matter movement.
  6. Fritz Liedtke’s Subject
    SourceThe photographer is known for the diversity in his portraits. He became an overnight sensation after sharing the picture of a woman with “amazing freckles”. He defines that picture as “one of the most beautiful photos I have ever taken”.
  7. Nastya Zhidkova
    SourceBorn in 1996, this young Russian model is often known as one of the most beautiful Albino girls in the world. She has an extremely photogenic face, which landed her a promising career in modeling. Nastya also has a YouTube channel where she shares her music with her fans.
  8. Ralph Souffrant
    SourceThe 21-yo model is originally from Haiti and currently resides in NYC. It was in August 2015, when his friend set up an Instagram page for him and got him into the limelight, which landed him a modeling gig. There was certainly no looking back after that. His distinctive freckles have created a unique space for him in the fashion industry.
  9. Shaun Ross
    SourceShaun is a pro-Albino male model who resides in NYC. He has already worked with brands like GQ, Vogue, Paper Magazine, Another Man, and a lot more. He has also appeared on the Tyra Banks Show, and plenty of music videos like Katy Perry’s E.T. and Beyonce’s Pretty Hurts.

The next time you see someone, admire their struggles and their journey. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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