12 Best Places To See The Northern Lights. . .

Aurora Borealis
, or commonly known as the Northern Lights are certainly a thing of beauty. It is considered as nature’s most spectacular phenomenon and can be seen from plenty of places in the Arctic. During a clear night, it can be seen from places like Scotland or Canada. Here’s our list of some of the best destinations that are bound to give you an unforgettable Northern Lights experience.

  1. Iceland

    Iceland is considered as one of the best places to capture Auroral activities during mid-winter. The lights can be seen from all over the country, but places like Haukadalur geothermic valley, the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, and the northern city of Akureyri are widely known to give the best view.
  2. Finland

    The Lapland region, in particular, makes a perfect destination to witness this natural phenomenon. There are plenty of resorts in Kakslauttanen and Urho National Park, where you can have a lavish stay as well.
  3. Sweden

    Abisko in Swedish Lapland is scientifically assumed as the most ideal place to see the diversity of this natural beauty. The dark winter night of the Torneträsk Lake creates the famous blue hole of Abisko.
  4. Russia

    SourceYou can easily see a peculiar green, yellow, and blue display of colors in Siberia and Northern Russia. The Kola Peninsula, in particular, has a close proximity to the view.
  5. Canada

    SourceYes, this might surprise you, but there are a lot of places in Canada’s Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Yukon, and Newfoundland regions from where you can see the Auroral activity. The region is also known as “Aurora Oval”.
  6. Scotland

    SourceScotland is undoubtedly one of the most unexpected places to see the Northern Lights. If you are lucky, then the coast of Caithness in the northern region will let you witness this natural miracle.
  7. Alaska

    SourceAlaska comes within the Aurora zone and has plenty of places like Denali, Fort Yukon, and Fairbanks that would give you a peculiar Northern Lights experience.
  8. Ireland

    SourceJust cross the Irish Sea and you would find plenty of places to see the Aurora Borealis. Shores of County Cork, County Antrim, and County Donegal are considered as some of the best places.
  9. USA

    SourceNot just Alaska, there are some northern states like Minnesota, Maine, and Iowa that depicts a beautiful display of lights on a clear winter sky. One of the most accessible places is Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, which is located only 400 km away from Wisconsin.
  10. Norway
    MO I RANA: Bildet er tatt søndag kveld, på grensen mot Sverige. Foto: Bjørn LeirvikSourceFrom Tromsø to Svalbard and Finnmark to Alta, the sky is literally the limit here. Norway has plenty of secluded places where you can see the Northern Lights “out of the blue” for real.
  11. Greenland

    SourceJust like Iceland, most of Greenland’s subcontinent is accessible to Auroral activities. Though, you might have to travel a little to visit Greenland compared to the easy accessibility of other destinations.
  12. Denmark

    SourceDenmark is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places to see the Northern Lights. The entire Faroe Islands archipelago witnesses a gorgeous display of lights, having a distinctive shade of every color.

So what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite locations and head out to see the majestic Northern Lights this season!

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