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Learning a new language is a tricky thing. There are more than 6,500 official languages in the world with countless dialects. While learning languages like English or Spanish is comparatively easier, it can sometimes be a task in itself to speak languages like Thai or Arabic. Here’s our pick of some of the most difficult languages to learn in the world.

  1. Japanese

    It is declared as the toughest language to learn for a non-native speaker by FSI (Foreign Service Institute). Not only the writing system is quite complicated, it also has different dialects, which makes it extremely complicated. It takes around 2,200 hours (around 90 weeks) for a non-native speaker to learn Japanese.
  2. Arabic
    SourceNot only is Arabic written from right-to-left, it has 4 different forms. Additionally, it doesn’t consider vowels while writing, which makes it quite difficult to read.
  3. ChineseHello - word written on a smudged blackboard with a Chinese tranlation,with a hand holding chalk
    SourceBoth, Mandarin as well as Cantonese are considered as one of the toughest languages in the world. Chinese is a language of homophones. A speaker’s phonetic transcription and way of speaking can further change the meaning of any word, which makes it pretty hard to comprehend.
  4. Korean
    SourceJust like Japanese and Chinese, Korean’s writing system (known as Hangul) makes it quite tough to learn. You might have to dedicate almost 2 years to master it.
  5. Georgian
    SourceEven though Georgian is practiced by only 4 million people in the world, its script might put you in a loop. The same character can sound drastically different when used with another character.
  6. Polish
    SourceSpoken by around 40 million people, Polish has one of the toughest pronunciations in the world. For instance, try speaking “cześć” without rolling your tongue. Go ahead! Give it a try! (Hint: It doesn’t sound like the English “s” or “c”).
  7. Zulu
    SourceThis Nigerian-Congo language is considered as one of the toughest and most extensive African languages of all. You might have to dedicate a whole year to learn it.
  8. Mongolian
    SourceThe grouping of vowels and their strict usage is what makes Mongolian so hard to learn. Other languages like Finnish and Hungarian also follow this rule. Also, Mongolian is written like this which makes it extremely hard to understand.
  9. Finnish
    SourceNot just the allocation of vowels that makes Finnish so tough, but also the way it is spoken is extremely hard to understand. For instance, tuuli (wind) and tuli (fire) might seem similar to you, but they are spoken way too differently and have distinctive meanings as well.
  10. Thai
    SourceSpoken by 20 million native speakers, Thai would require almost a year for you to master. It is strongly influenced by both Chinese as well as Sanskrit.
  11. Persian
    SourceDari, Farsi, and Tajik are three popular Persian dialects, each having their own rules. Additionally, writing Persian is an art that can take years for you to master.
  12. Albanian
    SourceIt is the unique vocabulary and the firm combination of consonants and vowels, which makes Albanian a mystery in itself. Surprisingly, it is still practiced by people living in Macedonia, Bulgaria, and of course, Albania.

    Now you can easily decide which language to learn – or at least which one you should avoid as of now. Start from the basics and gradually move ahead to master the big ones. Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, and Afrikaans are considered as some of the easiest languages to learn.

    If you are bilingual, let us know about your experience with a new language in the comments below.

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