An optical illusion is basically visually perceived image that is misleading or deceptive. The purpose of these illusions is to act as a brain twister. We see the things, which are not actually present! Though our mind is incredibly complex and continuously tries to make sense of each and everything, it too can get confused at times. It becomes difficult to conclude what is right and what is wrong. It is no magic; it is just all in your head!
Here are few amazing optical illusions that will leave you confused, dazed and are mind shattering:

  1. Blivet
    Blivet is also known as Poiuyt and is such an object that it is almost not possible to figure out whether it has two cylindrical ends or three. If you look at one end of the object, it will look as if it has three cylindrical ends and from the other side, it will look as if it has two.
  2. Is Square A darker than Square B?
    This is almost impossible to believe but it has been proved that both the squares labeled “A” and “B” are of the same shade. It does seem that the square labeled “A” is darker than the one labeled “B” but that is not the case. A professor at MIT named Edward Adelson published it.
  3. Rotating Rings
    This image has two rings with a dot in the middle. If you keep staring at the dot and move your head to and fro or near and far, they will start rotating and will also change direction as per your position.
  4. Café Wall Illusion
    This optical illusion was first brought to notice by Doctor Richard Gregory after he noticed a wall in a certain cafe. This illusion was made on the wall and is such that it makes straight horizontal lines, which are parallel but appear bent. This illusion is created because the alternative light and dark bricks have a grey background around them.
  5. Parrot or a woman?
    BNPS.co.uk (01202 558833) Pic: JohannesStoetter/BNPS ***Please use full byline*** Watch the birdie! This may look like a holiday snap of a tropical parrot perched on a tree - but a closer look reveals it is actually a cleverly painted person. The incredible artwork is the latest offering from Johannes Stoetter, a former world champion bodypainter. Johannes spent weeks painstakingly planning how he could transform a female model into a parrot. It then took him four hours to paint the model using special breathable paint then another hour to get the right photograph of her sat on a tree stump. The stunning creation sees the model's outstretched leg become the parrot's tail feathers, while her other leg becomes its wing. The head of the parrot was formed by wrapping one arm over her head. It is so lifelike that Johannes' friends often mistake the image for a photo of a real-life parrot.pinterest.com
    This image is such brilliantly taken and the woman is such brilliantly painted that she looks exactly like a tropical parrot. Johannes Stoetter spent more than four weeks to plan this creation and the model was painted such that her left leg became the parrot’s tail while right leg became the wing. Most people would realize it is a model only after informing that this is a creation.
  6. Silhouette Illusion
    This illusion is motion based and is often known as “The Spinning Dancer”. It represents a female dancer who creates an illusion, which is difficult to understand that she is either spinning clockwise, anti-clockwise or both the ways. This illusion has been derived from the lack of visual cues for depth.
  7. Elephant’s Legs
    Take a good look at this image of an elephant and try to count how many legs it has. Sure, we know the answer but the answer that you will get at that point is not four. Some may say 7, some may say 6 and some may say 8. This is a brilliantly drawn image of an elephant and the shading around its legs is done in a way that it creates this illusion.

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