8 Top Acupressure Points For Instant Relief From Anxiety Or Nervousness. . .

Everyone must have experienced anxiety or nervousness during some occasion. This is generally followed by increasing heart beats and you almost start sweating heavily. That’s the sign of anxiety or nervousness. There can be many reasons behind it but the question is how do we fix it instantly.


Well, acupressure is the answer. This alternative healing technique involves applying pressure on some points of the body to help relieve stress instantly. The best thing is that you can do it yourself. Here are 8 best acupressure points to relieve anxiety –

  1. He Gu
    This point can be located between the muscles of thumb and index fingers. Simply massage this point for a few minutes for instant relief.
  1. CV 17
    This point is a vital point for heart and will help release anxiety or nervousness. The point, named as Sea of Tranquility, can be activated by putting mild pressure.
  1. GV 24.5
    The Governing Vessel 24.5 point is also called as the third eye point and is one of the best points to get relaxed instantly.
  1. Lv 3
    Liver 3 is a famous acupressure point to control anxiety, sweating, palpitations and nervousness. This point can be activated by massaging it for 1 minute.
  1. P3
    P3 or Pericardium 3 is a potent point in controlling anxiety in a matter of minutes. You can activate this point by pressing both the arms on this spot for more than a minute.
  1. P6
    P6 or Pericardium 6 helps in instant recovery from profuse sweating or palpitations. Apply pressure with both of your hands for a few minutes and you can see the results.
  1. K 27
    K 27 is known as Kidney 27 and is a popular acupressure point to treat many health ailments including anxiety and nervousness.
  1. TW 15
    Triple Warmer 15 is located between the base of the neck and outside of the shoulders. The point, also known as Heavenly Rejuvenation, is perfect for calming down and reduce anxiety.

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