12 Things You Can Relate To If You Are Single. . .

If there is anything in the world that makes one feel worse than being single is being in a group of committed friends. We all know that pain right! If you are happy being single, that’s one thing. But single and unhappy is one of the deadliest combination that all of you would agree with. We know the feeling when you are regarded as a third wheel or being in the relationship with Netflix, pizza or beer for that matter or keeping up with those lonely, sleepless nights. If you can relate to these things, you will know the following struggles to be true as well that happens only with single people –

  1. You are the third wheel, the fourth wheel and so on. But you can’t help it, can you?
  2. You are a butt of jokes as well as sympathy. You don’t know how to take sarcasm well sometimes.

  3. You are always up to taking revenge from your committed friends. One way to do is by photobombing their couple selfies. Hell yeah!   3lovielimes.com
  4. When your friends do not understand the reason for you being single and you are sick tired of giving them explanations every now and then.   4mylifeasbrianne.blogspot.in
  5. When your only single friend in the group has also found out a partner and you are left deeply alone. You can’t help but console yourself.     5giphy.com
  6. You suddenly turn optimistic when your friends talk about going to the best club in the town on a Saturday night. This might be the end of this grieving phase of being single.      
  7. When you see your friends indulging in PDAs and it simply makes you feel worse. 7tumblr.com
  8. All your friends are trying hard to set you up with a nice partner and you are like, “God! Before they fix me with just any random person, I need to work on an exit strategy.” 8giphy.com
  9. You have got a strong aversion to the word ‘we’ and the way your friends bail out on every plan you make.   9tenor.co
  10. Many times you suggest your friends watching a movie but they are like, “Oh I promised to watch it with my boyfriend, sorry!”  lovethisgif.com
  11. Your friends love to play with your tinder account and you are like, “WTF”. 11quora.com
  12. When no one in your circle or family understand what exactly you need in a partner and why are you so fussy!



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