Worst Gang Rape Cases Around The World That Shook The Humanity. . .

Even in today’s world women are not safe. Rapes are still common occurrences that are constantly making the news all over the world. Even in our country, such rape cases make headlines and shake the humanity to the core.


Gang rapes are the worst till date. They involve a group of people and a single victim. Here are the most brutal gang rape cases till date that left the humanity in shock –

  1. 2012 Delhi gang rape case
    The brutal gang rape and murder of Jyoti Singh Pandey left the entire India in shock. She was gang raped by a group of six men in a moving bus. She was not only raped but beaten, penetrated with an iron rod in her genitals which got her intestines severely damaged. She fought to the death in the hospital for several hours before she finally took her last breath.
  1. 1993 Houston gang rapes
    On an unfortunate day in 1993, 16-year-old Elizabeth Pena and 14-year-old Jennifer Ertman took a short cut to reach home but they never did. They were gang raped by a gang named Black and Whites on the railroad bridge and have been raped for hours. They were then strangled to death. The medical examination found that their teeth and ribs have been broken before death.
  1. Murder of Anita Cobby
    Anita Cobby was raped by John Travers and four others brutally in 1986. She was a 26-year old nurse. She was abducted by her rapists who took turns for raping her. She was beaten, kicked and decapitated before they slit her throat and she eventually died.
  1. 2009 Richmond High School gang rape
    In 2009, a 15-year old student was persuaded by her classmate to go home with him. Six men were waiting for her there where she was humiliated, beaten and then raped for hours. Many witnesses came and saw what was happening but no one offered any help. She was eventually flown to the hospital by helicopter many hours after she was lying unconscious.
  1. 2016 Yuyun Gang Rape Sumatra
    14 young men allegedly raped a 14-year old school girl when she was on her way back home. Her body was found naked and hanged. All rapists were minors and they drank liquor before raping her.
  1. 2006 Qatif gang rape, Saudi Arabia
    An 18-year old got kidnapped by her boyfriend who was furious that she got engaged to someone else. The girl met her boyfriend in the car and she got raped by seven different men thereafter. Later, she was punished with 90 lashes as she met a man without the presence of any other male relative. She eventually was sentenced to prison along with 200 lashes. The judges said that the rape would not have happened if she didn’t meet the guy in the first place.
  1. Oksana Makar gang rape, Ukraine
    She was only 18 years old when she was raped by three young men brutally. They threatened to strangle her if she will report to the police. They choked her and wrapped her in a cloth thinking that she is dead. After that, they dragged her to a deserted site and burnt that place. A passerby saw that and reached for help. By the time Osaka reached the hospital, her 55% of skin was burnt. The doctors had to amputate both her feet and right arm.

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