There are some places on earth that look and feel right out of the horror movies. They are downright creepy, disturbing, and eerie. Such places do exist and they would definitely scare you out of your wits. Spending a day in such places would require a whole lot of guts. Here are some of such creepy places that exist on earth:

  1. Aokigahara Forest, Japan
    Aokigahara Forest is located at the base of Mount Fuji, Japan. This is the place where more than 500 people have committed suicide and hence there are loads of dead bodies lying scattered around in this woodland. Hundreds of people have hanged themselves from the branches of trees. The forest is so thick that even on a bright sunny day, it would be very dark there and that makes it creepier.
  2. Hanging Coffins of Sagada, Philippines
    The local tribe of this area namely Igorot, believe that burying dead bodies of loved ones in hanging coffins and attaching them to the sides of cliffs would bring them closer to the spirits of their ancestors. This would also keep the bodies safe. Thus, these hanging coffins make this area look very scary.
  3. Whale Bone Alley, Siberia
    The boneyard is on the east end of the island, where they leave all the old whale bones.

    There is this alley, which is located 82 miles off Alaska’s coast that is very frightening because a lot many whale ribs, vertebrae and jawbones lie scattered here. Experts who have studied this area say that these bones could have been collecting in this area since 15th Century and could have been used as a place of worship by the locals back then.

  4. The Bermuda Triangle
    This is a very infamous site and many types of research have been carried out regarding the happenings in this area but nothing has been proved as of now. The area is spread over 500,000 square miles in the Atlantic Ocean but there have been happenings of pilots and sailors disappearing, mysterious shipwrecks, and that too without any trace.
  5. City of Pripyat, Ukraine
    From the peeling murals of an abandoned school to the remains of a stray dog in an apartment building, scenes of death and decay create a poignant reminder of the residents that once called Pripyat home. [Pripyat, Ukraine, 2005 / 2011] The Long Shadow of Chernobyl - Photographs © Gerd Ludwig/INSTITUTEDie Wandmalerei in einer verlassenen Schule und die verwesenden Überreste eines Hundes in einem Mehrfamilienhaus sind Szenen von Tod und Zerfall und schmerzliche Erinnerung an das Leben jener Menschen, für die Prypjat Heimat war. [Prypjat, Ukraine, 2005/2011] Der Lange Schatten von Tschernobyl - Fotos © Gerd Ludwig/INSTITUTE La peinture murale d’une école abandonnée et les restes d’un chien errant en décomposition dans un immeuble sont des scènes de la mort et rappellent douloureusement la vie de ceux pour lesquels Pripiat était synonyme de foyer. [Pripiat, Ukraine, 2005 / 2011] L'ombre De Tchernobyl - Photographies © Gerd Ludwig/INSTITUTE
    This city of Pripyat has been completely abandoned after Chernobyl nuclear incident. This city once had a population of about 50,000 and is now known as a ghost town. The city was evacuated in nearly 36 hours and has remained that way ever since making it look very creepy now.
  6. The Overtoun Bridge, Scotland
    The Overtoun Bridge is a local arch construction located near the village of Milton, in Scotland. This is indeed a creepy place because hundreds of dogs have committed suicide here. This has been occurring since the early 60s. People have actually witnessed dogs willingly climbing the wall and jumping to their death.
  7. Island of the Dolls
    An island located in Mexico is also known as Island of the Dolls because of the number of dolls that have been hung around. History says the caretaker of this island namely Don Julian Santana once found a girl drowned in waters surrounding the island. Her doll was found floating in the waters and he hung it in a tree as a sign of respect for this girl. He continued doing so for years to come and now it is a major tourist attraction. The visitors also hang dolls as a sign of tradition.

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