10 Selfies that will make you go OMG!. . .

The only thing that has changed our lifestyle in the past decade is the smartphone that we all hold and we all are glued to. Every moment of our life hits the social media these days and all thanks to the camera on our phones that are always handy to click. Selfies are something that none of us can say we have not taken any. But, here is a list of selfies that will make you go OMG!! Really??

  1. Who Said Jesus was not with us. He is right here in the selfie. The next time you are looking for a lead role of Jesus in a Christmas Play.You know whom to contact?
  2. We all love and adore pugs but this one is epic! It almost feelslike a human with pug’s body attached. It is surprising how the color of a T-shirt is so exact as someone’s skin!funnyasduck.net
  3. We all need to be careful. Maybe the song “every Breathe you take.. I will be watching you”, was literally written for this guy and he did not take it seriously. Hence he forgot about the mirror that is watching over his smile.
  4. It is raining chocolates in here. This dude could totally be the next top model that Hershey’s is looking for.Or, maybe if this guy makes this selfie as his tinder profile picture, we are sure he will win many hearts.
  5. Well, if you love something so much, you do not have to wear T-shirts about it in the selfie. Say it and many will be happy with your choice. Well, if that is not your preference, but your name. May the Holy Jesus bless you!
  6. Well, how does it feel when you work hard to put up a set and you realize that you screwed up royally. Something similar must have happened to this lady as well. Check out how she has set the picture as her DP without realizing that she was posing right next to the dog poo until someone pointed it out. All we have to say is, SHIT HAPPENS!
  7. Dude! You need to watch out when you are lying. We don’t know if you are trying to fake that you have a Bae or she is not a good photographer and did not click a single picture of you.funnyand.com
  8. Building a body like a rockstar sometimes does not hide who you really are within.That’s OK dude, we still respect your choice of color pink. And, we never said that you could not own a ‘Hello Kitty’ phone cover. Nope! We are not judging.static.ilykecdn.com
  9. Talk about photobombing a selfie and this dude beats us all. We wonder what was he thinking while this girl was taking a selfie. Well, we think he meant ‘Supermarkets are not the place where you take selfies.’ Or maybe he was trying to say ‘ I don’t give a fuck about selfies’4xd.net
  10. It is understood that we humans have a craze for the selfie but Nelly leaves us all behind by a huge margin.i.imgur.com

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