Most newly wedded couples prefer to go for exotic beaches for their honeymoon and why not? They are perfect if you want to keep it low profile and just chill around.There are so many delicate and attractive body jewelry in vogue nowadays that would look perfect on your beach honeymoon and also make you look beach-perfect. This body jewelry would go well with your beach outfits and also would be very light to pack and carry. Here are few body jewelry pieces that you can try out on your beach honeymoon:

  1. Hand Chain
    This was once a very traditional piece of jewelry that bride used to wear for their wedding ceremony. However, they have eventually evolved into simple and delicate ones that one can use them for daily wear. They would look great with sundresses, casual gowns or even a pair of denim.
  2. Ear Cuffs
    Ear Cuffs would make any outfit look elegant and make you look trendy. However, there are various types of ear cuffs available in the market, so be very careful while picking them up. They would cover your entire ear lobe and as they basically grab attention, you will have to plan your outfit according to what type of cuff you choose.
  3. Head Chains
    This again is a very delicate piece of jewelry and would give you a princess look. Head chains would cover the top part of your head and hence would give your hairstyle a totally new look. A floral dress or a maxi would be perfect to pair your head chains with. You can also wear a hand chain with this and you would be totally beach-ready.
  4. Belly Chains
    This is a very sassy piece of body jewelry. Who would have thought to wear a piece of jewelry with a swimsuit!But belly chains go perfectly well with a swimsuit and would make you look like a total beach babe. Belly chains can be worn both under and over the clothes. They would make you look very glamorous.
  5. Belly Button Ring
    Navel ring or a belly button ring would be very sensuous. You can wear belly button rings with a sexy swimsuit, a sheer net poncho top or a crop top and it would be a perfect addition to your swimwear. But be very cautious while wearing and removing it, as it may hurt you.
  6. Back Chain
    You are going to a beach and thus you would surely have packed some strapless or backless tops. So, accessorize yourself by trying something different and wearing a back chain when you wear some outfit that has an open back. Wear your hair in such a way that would allow you to flaunt your back and your back chain.
  7. Anklet
    You are going on a beach holiday where obviously you will be talking some cozy walks with your spouse. So do not forget to pack a sexy anklet or a foot chain, which would make your feet look very attractive. You can wear these anklets with any outfit and flaunt off your feet.

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