16 Of The Rarest And Stunning Animals On Earth You Should Know About. . .

World is full of a large number of animal species, each belong to various regions. Out of these animals, there are few rare species which are going to extinct in next few years if proper measures are not taken to save them. Check our list of 16 of these most stunning and distinct animals on earth:

  1. Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth
    www.youtube.comPygmy three-toed sloth is found in a small area of Isla Escudo in Panama. A study was conducted in 2011 which told that there are only around 70 Pygmy sloths left in the world. It is expected that the number is even lower now.
  2. Plougshare Tortoise
    www.reptilefact.comPlousgshare tortoise or Angonoka belongs to a region in Madagascar. The number of this tortoise is estimated between 400 to 800 only.
  3. Hainan Gibbon
    www.savemenow.euHainan gibbon is very rare species found in Hainan Island of China. According to the studies, there are only few gibbons left today because of habitat loss.
  4. Geometric Tortoise
    kids.britannica.comThis stunning species of tortoise lives in Cape, South Africa. They are also threatened by habitat damage due to which their extinction is expected.
  5. Gooty Tarantula
    wafflesatnoon.comGooty sapphire tarantula is at higher risk of endangerment. Belonging to Sri Lanka and Southeastern India, this species is decreasing due to loss of habitat and deforestation.
  6. Javan Rhino
    fightforrhinos.comThis unique rhino is from Southeast Asia. Now there are only 40 to 50 of these Rhinos left in the Java region.
  7. Roloway Monkey
    www.thebluedotpost.comRoloway monkeys used to live in the forests of Ghana but now they have become extinct completely in this region. However, it is not confirmed that how many of these are left in the world.
  8. Spoon Billed Sandpiper
    www.birdskorea.orgThese rare birds are found in northeastern Russia. According to the research, less than 1,000 of this species are left in this world which is saddening.
  9. Greater Bamboo Lemur
    speezees.comGreater bamboo lemur or broad-nosed bamboo lemur lives in the rain forests of Madagascar. It is estimated than less than 100 lemurs only are left in the region.
  10. Tonkin Snub Nosed Monkey
    blogs.sandiegozoo.orgOriginated from the northeastern side of Vietnam, the number of these rare snub nosed monkeys left is less than 200.
  11. Common Sawfish
    www.thenational.aeCommon sawfish lives in northern Australia. This species is at higher risk of extension due to damage to their environment by humans.
  12. Sumatran Rhino
    www.livescience.comSumatran rhinos are hunted for its horn which people use in various traditional medicines. There are hardly around 200 of Sumatran rhinos left in Indonesia and Malaysia.
  13. Angel Shark
    www.britannica.comThis rare water species looks like a ray but is actually a shark which used to live in the Black Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. This shark is hardly seen anywhere now.
  14. Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat
    www.abc.net.auThere are only around 100 hairy nosed wombats left on earth which can be only seen in Epping Forest National Park in Queensland, Australia.
  15. Elephant Shrew
    a-z-animals.comElephant shrew or boni giant sengi lives in the Boni-Dodori forest in Kenya. They are at great risk of being endangered.
  16. Northern Bald Ibis
    www.konicaminolta.comNorthern bald ibis is now critically endangered and there only about 200 left in this world.

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