7 Acts of Extreme Selfishness That Will Blow Your Mind. . .

In the world where many people go out of their way to help others, there are many who perform extremely selfish acts which are very shocking. We’ll show you 7 of the most selfish things people have ever done which will definitely blow your mind. These acts will make you wonder, how people can go to such extreme level. Check this list:

  1. An insecure man fattened up his girlfriend so no other man could take her away
    www.dailymail.co.ukA Chinese man thought his girlfriend was way too cute that she would attract other men. He came up with a weird solution and decided to fatten up his girlfriend by feeding her with big meals every day. Within a year, her weight was almost doubled making her look very chubby. That’s when the guy proposed her in front of a restaurant with a chocolate bouquet and the lady loved his man so much that she instantly said yes.
  2. A man pulled on the brake of train just to get his cell phone
    nypost.comA New York resident was traveling in the train when he accidently dropped his cellphone outside. Without thinking about everyone else on the train, he pulled on the emergency brake which made the train stopped suddenly creating a high-pitched sound. Though no damage was done, that man was arrested and charged because of his extremely selfish act.
  3. A lady stole a baby because she was scared to lose her boyfriend
    www.mirror.co.ukKelly was so much in love with her boyfriend. In order to make him stay, she faked pregnancy and kept a pillow inside her clothes for 9 months. When the time of delivery arrived, she stole a baby so her boyfriend can’t find her truth. She was arrested soon and was kept in jail for 2 years.
  4. Man broke the fake bomb news just so he won’t miss his plane
    www.dailymail.co.ukAn Italian man was late for his flight to Rome. Instead of booking another flight, he called in bomb threat due to which airline and passengers were inspected immediately. When the airport authorities found out that bomb news was fake, they got that man arrested.
  5. Woman faked abduction just because she didn’t want to go to Christmas party
    www.irishexaminer.comA woman was too scared to reveal about her ‘bulimia’ disease to her friends. Just 10 days before the holidays, she faked her abduction to avoid Christmas parties. Police searched whole area but couldn’t find her. After two days when she came back herself, she revealed that she was kidnapped and raped. Police doubted her statement and upon further enquiry they found that it was all her drama. She was charged for 12 months and fined 100 pounds.
  6. A selfish man faked death just before his wedding day
    firsttoknow.comTucker and Alex were in love since their college days. They decided to get married after finishing their studies. But right before their wedding day, bride received a call from Tucker’s father saying that his son threw himself in front of a car due to depression. She called Tucker’s mother to offer condolences and found out that he was not dead. It was all preplanned drama which he did to avoid the wedding.
  7. This clever man faked seizure so he didn’t have to pay restaurant bills
    www.oddee.comA man from Baltimore became famous for the selfish acts he did a number of times. He used to go to different restaurants in his area and order expensive meals. At the time of paying bill, he pretended to have seizure which would automatically save him from paying to restaurant. Police found this out and it took them long to catch this man. He was put in prison for 5 years and was also fined for his act.

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