12 Types Of Pain Which Every Girl Go Through In Her Life. . .

Girls often go through many types of pain which men don’t have to worry about. From broken nail pain to waxing, girls survive through the torturous moments. While they invite the pain themselves due to number of things they do, there are a few kinds of pain which comes to them naturally. Check our list of 12 most genuine pain types all the girls can relate to:

  1. The pain of popping an annoying pimple
    giphy.comWe all face this terrible pain on regular basis unless we are too lucky to not have a pimple.
  2. Walking in heels for a few hours on daily basis
    giphy.comOur feet and ankle hurts like hell but fashion is more important.
  3. That painful ear and nose piercing. Ouch
    giphy.comAnd that swelling which we get along with the pain.
  4. Getting our hand or arm burnt while baking & cooking
    giphy.comWe put so much love in the food we cook or bake. But, do you know we play with fire and burn ourselves in the process?
  5. That terrific waxing pain
    giphy.comNothing makes us happier when we feel our silky and soft skin. But the intensity of pain we bear while getting waxed OMG.
  6. The never ending pain of high pony tail
    giphy.comIt feels like somebody is pulling our hair with full force.
  7. When our nail gets half broken and it hurts
    www.tenor.coThere is nothing more worse than this.
  8. Washing off hairdo which you got done from salon
    giphy.comTaking out those hundred pins and managing back combing; the struggle is real.
  9. When we get burnt while straightening our hair
    giphy.comThat sudden scream which comes out of our mouth while we are too much involved in styling hair and straightener touches our ear.
  10. The struggle of threading and plucking
    www.tenor.coThis pain is really unbearable which makes our whole face red like a tomato but we can’t stand those men like mustache and big eye brows.
  11. When mascara brush accidentally hits our eye ball
    giphy.comArghhh. It feels like somebody has put a needle in our eyes.
  12. And of course, how can we forget that monthly pain?
    giphy.comIt’s ever easy being a girl.

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