13 Awesome Things You Should Do If You Are Single On Valentine’s Day. . .

It’s Valentine ’s Day and all you see in your surroundings are red roses, couples walking hand in hand and romantic parties which you want to miss at any cost because; you are single. Don’t be depressed if you have no one by your side on Valentine’s Day. Don’t hide yourself in your room and avoid talking. Instead, plan things in your own way and celebrate this day to the fullest. Want to know how? It’s not that hard. Check our list of 13 best things you can do on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Throw party for all the singles
    giphy.comYou don’t have to be with a guy or a girl to go on a party. Call all your single friends and have a huge celebration with your favorite music, food and games.
  2. Go for shopping and enjoy the Valentine’s Day sales
    giphy.comThere is nothing more exciting than huge discounts on your favorite brands on this day.
  3. Show some love to the strangers
    giphy.comThere are many types of love. So, let someone who is totally unknown to you, feel special on this day. It can be anyone from a lady sitting alone in a cafe to a guy who is homeless.
  4. Cook delicious food for yourself
    giphy.comAre you having hard time on this Valentine’s Day? Cheer up and cook delicious food for yourself and family. It will definitely make them happy.
  5. Don’t want to go to kitchen? Then order in
    giphy.comYou can order food from your favorite restaurant in town. It will lighten up your mood.
  6. Go on a Spa date and have a ME time
    www.tenor.coGet appointment at any spa of your choice and enjoy some nice hot massage. A new haircut would work too.
  7. Have a cheat day
    giphy.comWe know it is good to be healthy. But why not have a cheat day and enjoy some yummy desserts this Valentine’s day? They say, chocolate can make our mood good.
  8. Send Valentine’s Day gifts to your family and friends
    giphy.comLove starts from family. So go to mall and pick the best gifts for your mom, dad, siblings, grandparents and friends. Make all of them feel special on this day.
  9. Go to a new place
    giphy.comPlan your day in advance and go somewhere you have never been before. Believe me it’s better than the date.
  10. Try something new on this day
    giphy.comMake a list of adventurous things and plan to do them on Valentine’s Day. Bungee jumping, jet boat ride, horse riding or paragliding; there is a lot to do.
  11. Show those couples that you too can enjoy
    giphy.comTake all your single friends and go for a date at a restaurant. Believe me, all the couples would notice you joking and laughing out loud. That would be great fun.
  12. Volunteer for any cause
    giphy.comFind a place of your choice and volunteer with them for a day. It can be spending time with children or animal shelter. You can also give them Valentine’s Day gifts as a token of love and care.
  13. It’s time to tell your crush that you like them
    giphy.comNone of the above options suit you? Then pick up your phone and call your crush. It’s time to confess your secret love for them. You’ll be spending next Valentine’s Day with them if you are lucky enough.

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