The Hottest And Healthiest Food Trends Of 2017 That Are GOOD For You, Too!. . .

What to eat this year? Clearly, all indicators point to healthy, wholesome and fresher food options. Sounds good right?! But do you know what is the biggest trend of 2017? It is plan-based eating. No kidding. With that being said, there are many other food trends that are going to make the hottest health trend in 2017.

They are fabulous, good for your health and overall well-being and must be tried for sure. Let’s find out what they are –

  1. Healthy nut oils
    This year, nut oils are predicted to take over the market. We have been fans of nuts for the time immemorial. But this year, it will be nut oils which is naturally low in saturated fats and healthy. So you can use walnut oil, almond oil, macadamia oil to drizzle over your salads for a healthy twist.
  1. Watermelon seeds
    If you love to sprinkle those healthy seeds like chia seeds on your salads, then there is something new for you in the store. The sprouted watermelon seeds are going to make the healthiest trend of 2017.
  1. Plant-based proteins
    The plant-based proteins are expected to take the center stage in 2017. Researchers have already been suggesting to cut down on meat and eat more vegetable proteins for a healthy lifestyle.
  1. Faux meat
    Some clever chefs have devised this new trend to get us glued to plant-based proteins with the faux meat. It looks exactly like meat that you just can’t tell plus it is healthier than meat.
  1. Turmeric
    Turmeric is already trending. So you can see turmeric lattes for a vibrant coffee alternative in the offing. Also, it is the best choice to add to the curries for the kick of antioxidants.
  1. Middle eastern flavors
    The bold flavors of middle east and Mediterranean are going to make it big in 2017. Whether it is shakshuka or shawarmas, you are up for a flavorful and wholesome surprise this year.
  1. Alternative flours
    There was a time when you had just one choice in the supermarket– all purpose flour. But not anymore. Thanks to the invention of gluten-free products that you can now look for healthier alternatives such as multigrain flours, chickpea flour etc.

  1. Veganaury
    This term was coined by people who are abstaining from meat in the first month of the year. They have already experienced improvements in their lifestyle and health by going vegetarian for just four weeks. This trend is going to be viral this year for sure.
  1. Cut back on sugar
    With people getting more conscious about sugar intake, this year they will cut down on it. There are also going to be labels which say ‘added sugars’ to help people identify that sugars added beyond what naturally exists in the specific food.


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