12 Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence (EQ). . .

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a person’s ability to manage his own emotions as well as that of others. According to the recent findings, the EQ of a person is more important than the Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Tony Robbins conducted some research on the topic and according to him, the following 12 signs can show that a person has high EQ. Let’s find out if you have it as well –

  1. You have a solid emotional vocabulary
    If you are capable of labeling your emotions rightly, then you definitely have a high emotional EQ. The more you can be specific about your word choice while describing your state of mind, the better will it be.
  2. You are curious about new people
    The emotionally intelligent people tend to be very curious about new people. The more curious you are about lives of people; the more empathy you possess. It is a sure sign of high EQ.


  1. You are not afraid of changes in life
    People with high EQ are highly adaptive to changes. They like to continuously evolve with time.


  1. You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses
    Emotionally intelligent people know how good or bad they are at certain things. They are well aware of what makes them strong or weak.


  1. You are a good judge of people’s character
    Such people will always try to understand the other person and will be a good judge of someone’s character or situation. They can actually read a person like a book.


  1. It is difficult to offend you
    An emotionally intelligent person always stays in control and is very confident. He takes charge of his feelings and emotions and others may find it difficult to offend him.


  1. You stay in control
    If you are able to keep yourself under control even under most challenging circumstances, then you definitely exhibit signs of high EQ. Those people always know when to say ‘no’!

  1. You like to give and expect nothing
    People with high EQ build strong relationships with others because they are never seeking anything in return. They give spontaneously without expecting.


  1. You don’t hold grudges
    Just thinking about negative situations throws your body into fight or flight mode which is actually a stress response. If you hold onto grudges, then you will face than often. People with high EQ understand this fully and avoid being in such unpleasant situations at all costs.


  1. You are not afraid of making mistakes
    Emotionally intelligent people do not dwell on mistakes or keep brooding over them. They do not seek perfection like maniacs and are ready to learn a thing or new from their mistakes.


  1. You avoid negative people
    People with high EQ never let themselves get frustrated by dealing with toxic people. So they always maintain a distance.


  1. You appreciate yourself
    Emotionally intelligent people always appreciate their perfections as well as flaws. They are grateful for what life brings to them. Those who have an attitude of being grateful live a happy and healthy life.



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