8 Websites You Should Never Attempt To Click If You’re Hungry. . .

Are you one of those from ‘forever hungry’ squad? If yes, then the chances are that you can never be satiated or full. People who love food actually have a relationship with their food. They are always curious about finding new food outlets or dishes and are very much ‘food experts’.


So if you are also a food lover and can’t resist anything that looks yummy then there is a word of caution. Never attempt to click on these websites when you are hungry –

  1. Food Porn Daily
    They have loads of food pictures, recipes and tutorials for every foodie. You can find a new food picture every day on their website. Find them at http://foodporndaily.com/
  1. Pretty Foods
    As the name suggests, they have gorgeous food pictures which are carefully taken and posted. Their stream of food pictures will make you drool. Find them at http://prettyfoods.tumblr.com/
  1. Foodspotting
    Got food cravings? Need to have your favorite food outside of the home? Well, simply type in your food choice and hit enter. You will be greeted with pictures of that food along with the location where they are served. Find them at http://www.foodspotting.com/find/in/The-World
  1. Jamie Oliver
    Jamie Oliver is a renowned name in the world of food. His website is full of amazingly good recipes and food pictures. You will certainly become a fan. Find them at http://www.jamieoliver.com/
  1. Not Without Salt
    This food blog is full of pictures of delicious food and recipes. Not only that, they have food tips and loads of easy recipes that you can cook at home in a hurry. Find them at http://notwithoutsalt.com/
  1. Food Gawker
    This website is something that you can scroll for hours and never feel bored. You have so much here that you are bound to feel hungry. Find them at http://foodgawker.com/
  1. Food-Gifs
    Head over to this website full of amazing food GIFs that will make you super hungry instantly.  Find them at http://www.food-gifs.com/
  1. Nails+Nosh
    What happens when nail porn meets food porn? It comes out as a series of beautiful food pictures with so much that will make you perennially hungry for food. That’s what this website aims for.  Find them at http://nailsandnosh.tumblr.com/

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