7 Times ISRO Made Every Indian Proud With Its Achievements. . .

The Indian Space Research Organization has achieved many milestones of successes with its technological advancements. It has launched number of satellites in the recent past, installed its own navigation system and successfully completed many notable projects.


Here is a list of noteworthy achievements by ISRO in the recent times that made every Indian swell with pride –

  1. Heaviest commercial mission
    ISRO completed the heaviest commercial mission by launching a load of over 1440 kg in 2015.  It launched five satellites of UK as a part of its commercial installation project.
  1. MOM
    MOM or The Mars Orbiter Mission was India’s attempt to successfully reach the surface of Mars. It was the first attempt made by any country to reach the red planet.
  1. Chandrayaan
    The Indian Lunar Exploration program, also known by the name of Chadrayaan, got launched in October 2008 and was a success. Now after its successful venture on the surface of Moon and stunning discoveries, Chandrayaan 2 is going to be launched this year.
  1. GLSV MK3
    ISRO is planning to take humans to space and they recently tested the module for GSLV MK3 for this purpose. It will be able to lift 6.5 tons and the project is going in full swing.
  1. IRNSS
    It is an indigenously built group of seven satellites which is given the operational name of NAVIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation). These satellites can provide real-time navigation and can extend its services to over 1500 km around our country.
  1. Bigger rockets
    To launch bigger and heavier payloads into space, ISRO is already working on GSLV MK3. The scientists are also working to send humans to the moon by making MK3 as the base for the launch vehicle. This one will use four instead of two rocket boosters for a successful launch.
  1. Reusable space planes
    The RLV or Reusable Launch Vehicle is made by ISRO to cut down on satellite costs. The tests are done in May 2016 and the aircraft-like structure is all set to be developed after the first set of successful tests.


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