8 Bizarre Stories Of Identical Twins Marriages. . .

It is fascinating to read about the marriages but imagine the marriages of identical twins with other identical twins. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it happened with the twins and you can imagine the double bliss they had. Such marriages are termed as “Quaternary Marriages”.


Since we know that this is not a fiction, let’s take a look at some bizarre yet real marriages that happened between identical twins around the world –

  1. The romantic twins who married on the same day
    It is the story of twin brothers Nicholas and Erich who proposed their girlfriends Gaylen and Ginna who happened to be twin sisters as well. The great thing is that both of them not only proposed on the same day but got married on the exact say day at a difference of one odd hour.
  1. The Russian twin couples
    This story is about the twin brothers Alexei and Dimitry Semyonov who met twin sisters Lilia and Liana in St. Petersburg in Russia and eventually got married in Pechora city on the same day. The couple, however, had to deal with a lot of confusion after marriage.
  1. The Robot Couple
    We are talking about the couple from The Robot Restaurant in China’s Yiwu province. So it happened that people used to wonder how can a couple work so hard since 6 am in the morning until noon without taking a break. It was later found out that there were four people running the restaurant. The couples were identical twins married to a second set of twins.
  1. The Fairytale story of twin couples who celebrated diamond anniversaries
    So the identical twin brothers Frank and Roy Sinton proposed their girlfriends on the same day in 1947. The surprising thing was that they did it unknowingly. Although they got married on separate dates. The couples have also celebrated their diamond anniversaries together.
  1. The Goldenberg couples from US
    The twin brothers Bruce and Barry Goldenberg got married to twin sisters Barbi Kantor and Cheryl respectively at New York. They have been together for more than 30 years now and their kids are also full identical genetic siblings.
  1. The twins who got married on same day at Jamaica
    The identical twin brothers Mandy Westerman and Brandy Laman were so hard to tell apart that their parents had to paint their toenails as babies. Now they have one more thing common other than their birthday – their marriage anniversary. Both of them got married to twin sisters Mandy and Brandy in Jamaica and also had a join honeymoon.
  1. The twins from Binhai town of China
    Two identical brothers Yang Kang and Yang Jian got married to twin sisters Zhang Lanxiang and Jiang Juxiang following love at the first sight. They also had a joint wedding where both wore different colored costumes and sported different haircuts to help tell them apart.

  1. Crow Sisters & Loux Brothers
    The identical sisters Keyolla Crow and Teyolla got married to handsome identical twins Eric and Shawn. They wore matching wedding dresses and had a blast at their love day.


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