From “We are just friends” to their break-up moments and to their engagement rumors, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have sure come a long way. There is a huge speculation regarding their relationship that never seems to die. And why not, they look great together and are superstars in their own fields. They hit it off while they were shooting for a shampoo ad and have been together since. Here are some of the cute adorable moments from their relationship:

  1. During Vogue India Beauty Awards, 2015
    The couple appeared together at the Vogue India Beauty Awards in 2015. It was indeed an adorable candid moment when she gave him a tight hug during the event. They were sitting in the front row and were having a jolly time. It was a treat to see them look happy with each other.
  2. When he carried her shopping bags
    Every girl dreams of shopping endlessly while her guy carries her shopping bags. Virat Kohli did exactly this for Anushka. The couple was spotted shopping in Delhi’s shopping mall and also in London where Virat was carrying Anushka’s shopping bags.
  3. Dancing to the tunes of Anushka
    Virat Kohli who is the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore was seen savoring Anushka’s dance moves in IPL’s opening ceremony. However, when he realized that he was being captured on the TV cameras, he shied away.
  4. Appreciating Anushka’s NH10
    Virat took to Twitter to appreciate Anushka’s movie NH10, “Just watched #NH10 and I am blown away. What a brilliant film and specially an outstanding performance by my love @AnushkaSharma. SO PROUD:)” That surely was adorable.
  5. Anushka Cheering for Virat Kohli
    Anushka attended IPL matches to show her support for Virat. She was seen cheering for him and sometimes Virat would be seen giving her cute looks. This was definitely very cute.
  6. When they wore matching outfits
    Most couples synchronize their outfits and this is a surely a cute couple thing to do. Anushka and Virat did just that and were spotted at the airport wearing matching outfits. They both looked sexy and perfect together.
  7. Dancing at Yuvraj Singh’s wedding
    Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma attended Yuvraj Singh’s wedding in Goa where they looked great and happy in each other’s company. Videos of Virat dancing with Yuvraj on “Gangnam Style” and Anushka dancing on “Senorita” have gone viral.
  8. Virat lashing out at people blaming Anushka for India’s defeat
    Anushka was blamed and targeted for India’s exit from ICC Cricket World Cup. Virat Kohli stood up for her and lashed out at people doing so. He said people doing so should be ashamed of them and should get a life.

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