10 Struggles Only Blunt People Go Through Everyday. . .

Are you a blunt soul? Then you can definitely relate to the struggle that extremely blunt people have to face every other day. That’s the thing about being blunt and upfront. You have zero tolerance to bullshit around you and you are extremely honest about things. Well, here is the downside! Very often you find yourself struggling through these pains every day –

  1. Your friends will come to you to seek honest opinion2buzzfeed.com
    Yeah, it will always be your friends seeking your opinion on things like how they look, what do you think about their partner and random advice for their life. Well, guess what? Your friends do not like it sometimes, but then you don’t have a habit of sugarcoating anything. You are not Willy Wonka.
  2. If someone tries to mess with you, you would beat the hell out of that, damn!366.media.tumblr.com
    Someone tried to mess with you or call you names. You won’t let that shit slide easily.
  3. You are used to getting labeled as ‘bitch’ or ‘snob’
    You are always like, What??? Am I a snob? You called me bitch? But face it. People do not understand that there is a difference between being truthful and being mean. Yours is the former case.
  4. You are being introduced by your friends with a disclaimer4buzzfeed.com
    So at a random party, your friends will either issue a warning while introducing you or will issue a disclaimer or both. You don’t like that, eh!
  5. People tell you to shut up all the times
    Not all people like it real and you will find that some people just can’t deal with your honest opinions.
  6. Your words lack filter so occasionally they might hurt people
    You are blunt but well, you are not cruel. People don’t understand a simple fact that you are not blunt for the sake of being mean or rude to them.
  7. You have no love life

    A great love life is a far fetched dream for you. Why? Well, people try to stay aloof and make a distance from you. The world doesn’t like it real anymore.
  1. People mistake your honesty for sarcasm
    ‘Truth shall prevail’ is your motto. But then you are taken way too sarcastically. You might have to take it down a few notches.
  1. You call out people on social media pretty often
    You tend to over-think and go beyond the measures to call out people on social media.
  1. You can’t be with over-sensitive people as it feels like a cakewalk
    You just can’t be around with people who are over-sensitive. It is like walking on egg shells.

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