Most Cheesy Indian Pickup lines that you can use in the club tonight!. . .

Tinder and other similar dating apps have made lives much simpler these days.But you can never beat the respect that your friends will have for you if you walk up to a girl and she walks out of the bar with you. Pick up lines are the best way to break the ice. And who knows, you might find the one you are looking for using one of these pickup lines.
Because we said, cheesy in the header, we had to put this pickup line first.

  1. Do you eat a lot of pizza because ‘tu cheese badi hai mast mast.’
    The moment you hear this line you want to act like Akshay Kumar in the movie Mohra. ‘Pa ni sa.. paaani saa”. It would help if, you have a bandana on your head.
  2. Girl were you born on Diwali?Because you are such a Pataka.
    Desi girls will love the fact that you called them a pataka. She will not decline your offer because you are the potential fuljari that will light up the bomb that she is.
  3. Go out with me and you won’t be sari.
    Well, you have to be in the southern part of India for the girl to understand the word sari. But if the girl is from the south of the country, she might try her luck with you.
  4. One date and I’ll swacch you off your feet.
    With the new string of fan following that PM Modi has got. If the girl you are planning to ask out is also pro Namo, she will be impressed immediately.If not, she will swachh you off the club.
  5. If you like bananas, come with me because I am Akela
    The girl will surely smile after hearing this! But if she says that she doesn’t like bananas you better be prepared and look for an alternative line that you would say!
  6. Tu janti nahi mera baap kon hai
    This will probably work best in the capital city (pun intended). But if the girl says,“nahi janti”, it is even better you can say ‘Mera saath aaja, pata chal jayega kaun hai?
  7. I wanna do things to you that are dirtier than all Indian water bodies combined.
    To our opinion Indian girls donot appreciate this kind of pick up lines, but you never know if you just met her through tinder, try this and you are all set for the date.
  8. I’ll have my mom send rishta to yours
    This would be just the apt line for someone who has a father like Alok Nath. Shemay not be liking you approaching her, but she will love that you initiated the rishta through your mom.
  9. Our kundali are a perfect match
    This pickup line is like FSSAI certified. For most of us, we look at FSSAI certification before we pick up any food. There are girls who believe in kundali and shit.But the catch is picking up the right pickup line looking at the girl.
    Let us know, which one you choose at the club today!!

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