Uplift Your Mood With These Amazing Teas. . .


A cup of tea holds such magical powers that can re-energize you, heal your mood, stimulate you, and improve your health and much more. For tea-lovers, this cup of tea is not anything less than a magic potion. Various types of teas and how beneficial they are is widely known and proven. However, it is less known is that various teas can have a huge impact on your mood as well. Yes, tea have got psychological impact too!

Here are few different types of teas that can have a certain type of impact on your mood and next time you can choose them according to your mood:

  1. When You Are Feeling Down

    When you feel everything is dull and everything is going wrong, Citrus tea is the one for you. A cup of citrus blend tea will surely bring a smile on your face and cheer you up. So, next time you feel down, make sure you have a cup of Citrus blend tea along with a slice of orange or lemon.
  2. When you are facing insomnia

    The to-go tea when you are facing insomnia or you are bothered by sleep is chamomile tea. This tea is so relaxing that you will forget your anxiety and you will actually find yourself having a good sleep. Try adding a bit of lavender flavor in this tea and enjoy its aroma. The tea indeed does have effective therapeutic qualities.
  3. When you are feeling sluggish

    When you are feeling that you are at the end of your productivity, try having Peppermint Tea or Green Tea. Both these tea will freshen up your mind, reduce your stress, and bring back your alertness.
  4. When you are feeling worried

    Jasmine Tea is the one to have when you are worried about something or you are anxious about something. Jasmine Tea has a sedative effective that will heal your anxiety and actually can help in reducing your heart rate. Another option is White Tea, whichhas such herbal effects that will work as anxiety therapy. It is also lighter than Jasmine Tea.
  5. When you are feeling really thirsty

    The tea to have when water doesn’t quench your thirst is Barley Tea or Oolong Tea. If you prefer to have Oolong tea, try having a cold cup of that one. They will bring a huge relief and summer heat will start feeling much better.
  6. When you are feeling angry

    If you are feeling upset or angry have a cup of perfectly brewed Masala Chai- original Indian style. This tea contains such spices and herbs such as ginger and cardamom that would take you an altogether calm place. The tea is such spicy and sweet and also very aromatic that it will feel very healing and you will instantly forget your anger.

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