Fitness Secrets Of Famous Bollywood Actresses. . .

Bollywood is bustling with such actresses that surpass the benchmark every time. Bollywood actresses are now going global and thus bringing India’s entertainment industry at an altogether a new level. Nowadays they are not only working towards their dreams but they also promote a healthy lifestyle, thus inspiring millions of young women. Indian women today are becoming aware of how important fitness is and few of these actresses are the fittest actresses in Bollywood today:

  1. Priyanka Chopra
    This year Priyanka Chopra has made headlines for her American series, Quantico and her upcoming film, Baywatch. However, one can just not notice her fit body and the way she has maintained herself. She is very particular about taking care of her skin. She drinks a lot of water and moisturizes herself daily. She is not a major lover of the gym and rather prefers yoga and strength training. Priyanka loves home cooked meals and includes coconut water, fruits, vegetables, and steamed entrees in her meals.
  2. Deepika Padukone
    Deepika is simply stunning and she is a huge fitness freak. Deepika keeps herself in shape by sticking to walking, doing Pilates, doing Yoga, hands-free exercises, and dancing. The way she maintains her abs has always been appreciated. She is known for a strict healthy diet and avoids having junk and oily food.
  3. Anushka Sharma
    This year we saw Anushka earning accolades for her performances in Sultan and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. She trained hard for Sultan and she keeps a point to meditate twice a day. She gets her cardio done through jogging, walking, and dancing. Anushka loves her sleep and is careful to get adequate sleep. For her diet, Anushka avoids oily, junk food, and has an intake of healthy food only.
  4. Parineeti Chopra
    This year Parineeti made headlines for the way she lost a couple of excessive kilos and the way she got fit. She was overweight when she started her career and she was often criticized for that. However, she lost weight by undertaking intense workouts like regular cardio, swimming, treadmill, horse riding, and yoga. She loved to indulge in junk food; however, she totally cut down on that. Her new lifestyle shows its effect and she looks totally gorgeous now.
  5. Jacquelin Fernandes
    Jacquelin, the Sri-Lankan beauty is very particular in her fitness regime. She always wakes up as early as 7 am to practice Yoga and other stretching exercises. She indulges in cardio to improve her stamina, strength and stability. Other exercises she prefers is light weight training and dancing. Jacquelin’s fitness mantra is “Eating right, exercising regularly and sleeping right.” She always drinks a glass of warm water with lime or honey after which she starts her day.
  6. Shilpa Shetty
    Shilpa Shetty has always maintained how important it is to be fit and is a big promoter of healthy lifestyle and Yoga. She quickly got back to her old shape after her delivery by losing 20 kgs and that was very impressive. Shilpa workouts 5 days a week- 1 day cardio, 2 days strength training and rest 2 days for Yoga. She always meditates after yoga that is very effective to reduce stress.
  7. Bipasha Basu
    Bipasha always keeps on saying that she wants to live a healthy and fit life for 100 years and that exercising is an investment. She has given up eating junk food and rather prefers to have steamed fish, vegetables that are high in fiber, egg whites, nuts and green tea. Her husband Karan and she both are fitness freaks and both follow a proper workout regime.

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