15 Rare Facts About Disney Cartoons We Bet You Didn’t Know Before. . .

Disney movies have loads of rare facts. Yes, that’s right! There are tons of lesser known facts about your favorite Disney movies like The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Toy Story and more. All of these facts are as magical as the Disney movies themselves. We know you can’t wait to hear them. Let us walk you through 15 amazing facts about Disney movies that we bet you didn’t know before –

  1. The character of Aladdin was based on a young Tom Cruise. Even Aladdin’s face was modeled after him though the cartoon was voiced by Scott Weinger.


  1. The Jungle Book was the last movie that Walt Disney supervised and was released 10 months after his death.
  2. Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty was named after Prince Philip, the duke of Edinburgh, also the husband of Queen Elizabeth II.
  3. The first ever Disney character to fart is Pumbaa.


  1. The first female to direct Disney’s animated movie is Jennifer Lee, co-director of Frozen.


  1. People who voiced Mickey and Minnie Mouse were actually a married couple in real life.


  1. Remember the song “Can you feel the love tonight”? It was originally supposed to be sung by Timon and Pumbaa.
  2. Disney was once sued by a biologist. The reason was the defamation of hyenas in The Lion King.


  1. The image of the penis on the cover of original The Little Mermaid was completely unintentional. According to the artists who drew it, he was just in a rush to finish it.


  1. The original name meant for Mickey Mouse was Mortimer Mouse. Later, Walt Disney’s wife convinced him to change it.
  2. Disney first used CGI in its animated feature The Black Cauldron.
  3. Remember the Pride Rock and the Gorge in The Lion King? They are modeled after Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya.


  1. The film “Emperor’s New Groove” was actually titled “Kingdom of the Sun”.
  2. The character of Tarzan was designed by animator Glen Keane and was based on his teenage son Max who loved performing skateboard stunts.


  1. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was the first animated film to be nominated for Oscars for Best Film.


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