12 Fruits And Veggies That You Had No Idea Grew Like That. . .

You often eat fruits and vegetables as they are very tasty and healthy in general, but do you know how and where they grow? Next time when you make any salad, will you take some time to figure out that from where these green veggis have come? It’s very easy to eat these precious fruits and vegetables, but the struggle behind the growth and harvest is real which not everyone knows about. Let’s take a tour of how 12 of these natural wonders grow in a particular place:

    1. Do you know why you never see unshelled cashews at the store? The reason is, they grow out of apple like fruit and contain toxic shells. The cashew fruit is edible and is used in many drinks worldwide.
    2. Dates grow in large bunches on huge palm trees. They look very beautiful hanging high on these trees.
    3. We all love cinnamon don’t we? Have you ever imagined how the cinnamon grow? Well, it don’t grow on plant or underground, it is basically the inner bark of a special tree which is stripped to get the cinnamon.
    4. Kiwi fruit grows on vines, just like the grapes. Don’t they look adorable?
    5. They have been lying to us all these years that almonds are nuts. They are not nuts but seeds of drupe fruit which grows on trees.


  • Eggplants are technically considered as berries and they grow in low plants.
  • Peanut is our favorite dry fruit which is eaten widely by itself and also used in many foods. They grow underground and look kinda messy when taken out.
  • Avocados are considered as berries consisting of large seeds.They grow in the form of clusters on trees.
  • Ginger is another most important ingredient which grows underground in the roots of specific plants.
  • The delicious kidney beans grow in the pods just like peas.
  • Like eggplants, chickpeas also grow in low plants in small green shells.
  • Our favorite fruit olive grows on strange looking trees and are picked by wobbling the tree until all the olives fall off.


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