10 Of The Weirdest Contact Lenses That You Will Ever See. . .

All of us love to change our style, upgrade our appearances or change our bodies to change the way we look. A contact lens is an inexpensive and easy way to change how you look without doing much effort. In the modern era, there is no limit to contact lenses in different styles and colors.


But there are pretty weird and cool contact lenses out there as well. Well, some of them are so strange yet unique that you have never seen or heard of. Check out 10 of the strangest contact lenses available in the market –

  1. Mesh lens
    Mesh Lenses are the newest rage in the market. They are available in different colors and patterns or the mesh.
  1. Sclera colored lens
    These are available in white and black mostly and they hide your entire eye lens. As weird as they look, they require some precision to remove.
  1. Telescope lens
    You won’t believe but these lenses have a tiny telescope in it. They have been developed by researchers in Switzerland to treat age-related macular degeneration (AMD) but people love it for its utility.
  1. Banshee costume eye lens
    This flaming eye lens represents teen wolf Banshee and the fans are in love with this.
  1. Halloween contact lenses
    These dreading contact lenses require guts to carry and off course a matching Halloween costume to go with.
  1. Zombie White lens
    These lenses are quite popular amongst the fans of sci-fi or zombie movies. They are available mostly in white color with a little pattern in a mesh.
  1. Reptilian lenses
    If you want to show your reptilian side, then these lenses are the best bet. They are available in different colors like yellow, brown, green etc. but this white and black one truly stands out in being the weirdest.
  1. Rainbow lens
    These are for those who love colors and can’t decide on just one. They not only look strange but hurt as hell when you are wearing them. But people flaunt them anyway.
  1. Terminator lens
    The fans of Terminator would swear by these lenses however they may seem weird to the regular people.
  1. UV Edit Iglow lenses
    Taking weird to another level, these lenses glow in the dark. They also come with hypnotic designs with spirals and rings.


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