A fall on the stage with hundreds of eyes looking up at you is probably the worst time but however, this does happen a lot. It is indeed a test of professionalism as to how these celebs have reacted to their fall and gotten back into action. It is embarrassing, painful, and can often cause an injury. The reasons for such falls are many such as technical fault, the stage being wet or slippery, wardrobe issues, issues in props that are used on-stage and many more.
Here are few celebs who have experienced such stage falls:

  1. Selena Gomez, 2013
    Selena Gomez was performing at Fairfax Va during her Stars Tour in 2013 when this incident happened. She was singing her “Slow Down” and was jumping up and down to the tunes of this song when she slipped and landed on her rear. However, she instantly got up with the help of security and fans and got back to her routine like nothing happened.
  2. Jennifer Lawrence, 2013
    Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscar for the best actress in 2013 but while she was going to fetch the award, she faced a little difficulty in climbing the stairs in her floor-length long Dior dress. She tripped and fell but the crowd boosted her spirits up by giving her a standing ovation which she did acknowledge in her acceptance speech.
  3. DJ Khaled, 2016
    During the Formation World Tour that took place in September 2016, Usher performed before Beyonce made her entry and DJ Khaled played the role of a social media wingman by trying to get some photos of the singer in his act. While doing so, his feet got caught up in something and he tripped over, hitting the floor hard.
  4. Lady Gaga, 2011
    Many years have passed since this incident has taken place, but this has been remembered ever since. Lady Gaga who was performing a rendition of “You & I” in 2011 was wearing dangerously high heels. She was standing with one leg up on piano and other on the piano stool. She lost her balance and slipped badly wounding on the floor. She did continue singing while lying on the floor but she would have been badly hurt.
  5. Rihanna, 2011
    During a concert, Rihanna tripped over her while dancing that made her go down on her knees and hands. This would have definitely hurt but she got up quickly and got back into her act. Rihanna even seemed like she was laughing at herself which shows her spirit.
  6. Louis Tomlinson, 2013
    While One Direction was performing in Australia, Louis Tomlinson tripped during the performance of the song “Kiss You”. The reason for the fall was a slippery wet floor. His bandmates quickly rushed to his side, got him up and back to the performance. It surely would have been an embarrassing moment.

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